Let’s be honest, Nosgoth isn’t a game that currently has a large barrier to entry. But, if you’ve been waiting to get in on the Nosgoth action, your chance is coming because next week on the 21st the game will finally be going into open beta for everyone to try.

That’s right, humans and vampires will be battling it out en mass thanks to what will hopefully be a massive influx of new recruits. If we’re being honest, it’s definitely needed — the matchmaking isn’t the best, so hopefully more people will correct that.

In order to prepare for the game’s open beta launch, the servers will go down for a solid two days prior, but when it comes back up there will be double experience for everyone for a whole week.┬áNot bad considering how long they’ll be working on the game for.

Admittedly I haven’t played Nosgoth much thanks to some rather game breaking bugs, but here’s to hoping they fix they by the release because if they do then I know what I’m doing next week. In addition, Psychonix, the developers of Nosgoth, will be hosting a stream and Q&A live on twitch at 11:30 am Pacific.

For more details, check out the blog over on the website.

Will you be checking out Nosgoth next week?

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