Words cannot describe what it was like to attend the ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival this weekend. I’ll try my best using words though.

As a huge (HUGE!) fan of anime music (and just anime in general), this felt almost like a dream. It was so surreal and amazing to see the faces and people behind some of the most cherished anime songs. People like Yousei Teikoku, the band behind the Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) OP, who was a surprisingly big hit there. I say that not because they are bad or anything (they are actually one of my favorites), but because they were so different from all the other bands (genre-wise anyway.)  Also in attendance were Sayaka Sasaki (Nichijou ED), who sadly had some technical issues during her set but still managed to make the crowd fall in love with her, Hatsune Miku (is there really anything I have to say about her), Bamboo from milktub (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu OP) , ChouCho (Girls und Panzer OP), Faylan (Tokyo ESP OP), Yoko Ishida (ShiroBako), and who can forget about Jam Project. The group who put on such a amazing performance that the crowd cheered on for an encore for like 10 minutes (which became somewhat of an inside joke during the second day).  The event was just really something else.

ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival line up

On a more serious note, (if you couldn’t already tell), I had an amazing time at the festival. Everything about it was just so perfect. The crowd was energetic and the artists were singing with such passion. Even if you didn’t know what the song was you were listening to was, you were still going to have a good time. I can honestly say, if you ever have the chance to attend an event like this, do yourself a favor and just go. Especially if you enjoy Japanese/anime music.

At this point if I feel like if keep writing, I would feel like I’m bragging so I just have one more thing to say: If there was one thing I could change about the ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival, it would be that I really wished there were more fans that attended the event. I feel like these guys work so hard to on what they do and you can tell how much they care about there fans overseas. I know this personally now. During a special press conference after the last day of the event, one of the Lantis artist said (sorry if I get this wrong, I was a bit starstruck when we went “backstage” for the press conference) that they never thought that what they were doing was going to have the reaction they usually get, but from a western audience. They also stated that they were really happy to hear the fans sing along in Japanese with such great energy.

Well that’s it for me, I have nothing more to say. Like I said, if you ever get a chance to attend one of these festivals, please do. Not just because I told you so or because I want you to give Lantis more money. Do it for yourself. Trust me, you will enjoy yourself.

Upcoming tour dates:

Hong Kong– 2/7/2015  &  2/8/2015

Singapore– 3/28/2015

Seoul– 4/4/2015 & 4/5/2015

Taipei– 4/18/2015 & 4/19/2015

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