BentoByte is here with Volume 6 of your favorite music series, Sunday Sounds. Let’s get the ball rolling and get those tunes up.


MAN WITH A MISSION is one of those bands that will always be different to me. They perform the opening song for Log Horizon, if you were unaware of some of their work. They perform with wolf heads during all of their live performances and music videos, which makes you focus more on the music that they put out. It reminds me of the work of Daft Punk, Studio Killers, and Gorillaz, all of whom place way more focus on their music. However, “Emotions” is a song by this band that is somewhat…different than most of their work. Compared to their other songs, “Emotions” sounds a bit more personal and closer. Though it’s still rock, it’s a bit softer than other songs, especially with the soft orchestral opening and the harmonic vocals leading the track.

Brave Song
Girls Dead Monster

I watched Angel Beats! roughly a year and a half ago. Admittedly, it was not the best anime I had ever seen, but it did present a familiar concept. Much like Guilty Crown and its in-story band, Angel Beats! introduces the viewers to Girls Dead Monster, a band composed of students in the show. For spoiler reasons for those who have yet to watch the show, I will not give the details on the band, but just know that most of the songs have two different vocalists. “Brave Song” is the ending song for the show, yet this version is sung by Girls Dead Monster. It’s got a more rock-like vibe than the acoustic sounds of the regular version, but it’s still a rather sweet song for your ears.


Technically, these are considered two different songs, but “ECHOES” flows so nicely into “CALLING” that I thought I’d include them together as one single song. FLOW has done a lot of work, notably doing the opening themes for Eureka Seven and Code GeassFLOW’s usual aggressive rap/rock style gives way to a more personal standard rock vibe. The song is led in by an ethereal feeling, as if one is travelling beyond the boundaries of space (which fits since the album cover of the album these songs are on features a person in a spacesuit). The acoustic strumming really brings this song home because it gives you a sense of simplicity, which is nice to hear in a rock song.

Sin From Genesis
Shirou Sagisu

Neon Genesis Evangelion is, undoubtedly, one of my favorite anime of all time. It speaks to me on so many levels. But what really draws me to the show is not the plot, but the music in it. If I had to give a ranking for original soundtracks, the Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtracks would stand very near the top; they are just that good. “Sin From Genesis” is a song in particular composed by Shirou Sagisu. It is powerful, heavy, and very pressing. When this song comes on, one can’t help but feel a sense of deep responsibility coupled with a looming sense of danger. Brass, strings, and heavy drums round out this advancing piece.

Bloody Stream

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is, truly, bizarre. It is unlike any anime that I have ever seen and the comedy is top notch. The one thing I absolutely love, however, is the opening sequences. “Bloody Stream” served as the second opening to the anime and it is rather groovy and funky. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a sucker for brass instruments. What grabs me for this song, however, is not just that but how the vocalist drags out the notes on some of the words, elongating them. It helps fill out the song overall, creating one rather interesting dancey tune.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to come back next Sunday for more songs straight to you. Here’s those songs for you one more time:

  • Emotions – MAN WITH A MISSION
  • Brave Song – Girls Dead Monster
  • Sin From Genesis – Shirou Sagisu
  • Bloody Stream – Coda
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