Episode 20: Old Nines

The most accurate way to describe this episode would be the calm before the storm. It has that feeling that the next episode will be reminiscent of one of the pre-finale episodes of Game of Thrones, where you know people are going to die and shit is going to hit the fan. With the introduction to the history of the owl and the old manager Yoshimura my theory of him being the Owl clearly went out the window. However, it was great to get more information on the Owl herself and it really encourages the viewers to get excited to meet her at some point. With all of this background and what will soon by the downfall of Anteiku it will probably do nothing but fuel the Owl’s hatred of humanity, and I cannot wait to see what kind of conflict that spark will cause.


If there is one thing Tokyo Ghoul has been handling well this season it’s providing ample character development. Who would have figured that we would be able to experience Yoshimura and the Owl’s story in one go (yeah I know manga readers, you all don’t count)? The history was as tragic as I expected and I wasn’t terribly surprised by the fact that Yoshimura had such a violent history. But I was very glad to see it. Experiencing everyone’s background is key and will make this next episode have that much more impact should the writer choose to kill off this character. Given how stoic his character is, it was refreshing to see him get a touch of happiness before the loss of his daughter and wife. It makes me respect Yoshimura as a person, as he has endured enough in his life to break most people. He may die soon and if he does it’ll be quite sad to see someone so full of wisdom and experience go.


I want to point out that the scene between Yukinori Shinohara and Yoshimura as one of my favorites. It’s simple moments like these that are shared over drinks that can have the greatest meaning. Even though both men were perfectly aware of what was about to transpire, Yukinori still took advantage of the moment to experience something he might not ever get to again. It must have felt similar to when soldiers in WWI played soccer on Christmas, two opposing ends having a mutual moment of peace.

If one thing is certain, it’s that the upcoming episode on Thursday is going to be action packed and potentially heart breaking. But I will be prepared for the worst should it turn out that way.

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Old Nines The history of Yukinori and the origins of the Owl were certainly depressing, however, getting to know this information was crucial to the development of both characters. Overall a solid episode.
Character Development90
Coffee Sharing Scene80
Impending End of Anteiku60
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