While over at Animeland Wasabi 2015 we had the opportunity to have a sit down chat with Stuart Zagnit and Lucien Dodge. Both being very talented and famous voice actors responsible for some of our favorite characters over the past years of anime.


Stuart Zagnit, most well known for his portrayal of Professor Oak in Pokemon has quite an impressive resume. His roles have included characters in The Shaman King, Winx Club, and Slayers. He has also been involved in Broadway performances, off-Broadway performances, national tours, roles in television, film, and commercials. He is also involved with 4Kids Entertainment, DuArt Film and Video, and TAJ Productions.


Lucien Dodge has also been heavily involved the anime scene. Being that his resume is entirely too long to list here, he is the voice of some of our favorite characters such as: Waver Velvet in Fate/Zero, Maron and Chilli in Pokemon, Takumu Mayuzumi in Accel World. He is heavily involved with several Cons across the nation and appears frequently on panels.

We discussed a sort of topics including (but not limited to) origins, favorite characters, the state of the animation industry, and future plans. Thanks to the staff over at Animeland Wasabi for providing us with the opportunity to meet these two.

Thoughts? or want us to ask different questions at the next con? Leave us a comment below!

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