Episode 21: City In Waiting

Seeing what very well may be the last few peaceful moments for some of the characters was another touch on how the human condition handles death, or rather, impending death. With the beginning of the battle we get a glimpse of the history, conflict, and resolutions of everyone involved. We witness every character coming to their own conclusions about what they must do which added the perfect amount of character development that I could have hoped for. And although this episode starts the large conflict, it by no means shows even a fraction of it. As a word of advice, if you haven’t seen this episode and just managed to watch Your Lie in April, then you should probably wait a little and watch a happy slice-of-life in the meantime.


All of us accept the potential end differently, but this moment made me quite jovial.

The whole sequence where all the characters in CCG were writing their last will and testaments was a great reflection of each and every personality. And again, the little hopeless romantic in me thoroughly enjoyed the (almost) kiss between Amon and Akira. It was rather humbling to see that not everyone was taking this moment lightly. Seeing I DON’T WANT TO DIE scrawled across the letter puts a little of perspective on the gravity of the whole situation. Tokyo Ghoul is doing an excellent job forcing the viewer to reflect on their own situation, and for that, the opening before the intro was excellent.


Player 2 has entered the game.

Now, I happen to be a bit confused on the whole subject with regards to the Owl. After some discussions and based upon what Yoshimura described as the history of the Owl I thought the Owl was his child,however, based upon the reaction of everyone else, they seem convinced that Yoshimura is in fact the Owl. I do not know what to make of it, but, based upon what we have seen he is going to go down taking a TON of CCG investigators with him. But it has yet to be seen whether or not he is, in fact, the owl that everyone fears. At any rate watching him and the other two wipe the map clean of several CCG personnel has been a very exciting ordeal. With the arrival of the new characters, I am not certain how much longer they will survive, but I cannot look away.


The whole 22 minute show was more about goodbyes, and Kaneki was not exempt in this regard. As twisted as it is that Shū wants to eat him, he at least attempted to prevent Kaneki from walking into the fray. But just as Renji couldn’t stop Touka, Shū was also falling on deaf ears. It is my hope that some point or another Touka and Kaneki can meet on the battlefield and have a moment together. However, whether it is due to cynicism or the emotional destruction I just received at the hands of Your Lie in April, I will not keep my hopes up.

The episode had decent action and was a great segue into what will inevitably be a bloody and high casualty conflict. I’m afraid, but also very eager to discover what will happen next.

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City In Waiting As agonizing as it was waiting for the battle to begin, it wouldn't have been the same without the character building that occurred ahead of time. Rarely do we get to see this much insight into a plethora of characters before something monumental happens.
Character Development100
Having to wait more for more action75
Brief Moment of Peace and Understanding Before the Storm80
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