It was quite the journey attending this year’s Animeland Wasabi 2015 powered by Sukoshi Con. Matt and I weren’t exactly sure what entirely to expect throughout the duration of the 3 day event. We did our best to attend as many panels as possible and meet all the fantastic people within Denver’s community attending the con. We had a lot of fun, from devising clever ways to move quickly through the crowds to purchasing merchandise. And to top if all off we hung out and had great chats with all the guests in attendance which included: Jessica Merizan, Kyle Hebert, Lucien Dodge, Stuart Zagnit, Warumono, Umbra Cosplay, Jan Scott-Frazier, and Steve Warky Nunez.

For those of you not from Denver, it was rather cold and full of snow in the days leading up to the event. So the very first impression I had when driving up was seeing the hoards of cosplayers donned in heavy boots and kigurumis to weather the snow, which to say the least was quite the site (or really confusing if you have no clue what the hell is going on). Once inside the amount of people escalated to an almost suffocating amount and all dressed up in their cosplay outfits. Which for someone like me who came directly from work and was still in my dress clothes, I was relatively out of place. However, it was wonderful to see so many individuals dressed up in so many fantastic outfits. We caught a bunch of enthusiastic folks on camera (click here see some of the photos we took while there).

Next, Matt and I toured through the various rooms to catch a glimpse of all the happenings. The only complaint I would have with regards to the con is the lack of space. Given the amount of attendees, the space was entirely too small. However, the staff did the best they could with the resources they had. And the volunteers did a good job and were doing well given the massive amount of attendees. From what rumors we heard from the staff, next year will be in a much larger space to accommodate all the guests and attendees that were clogging the walkways and halls. The only person I felt terrible for was the single older bartender that had to put up with all of us; his sassy demeanor was a great and hilarious defense mechanism. And in the gaming room we managed to try our hands at Dance Dance Revolution to the song Fly Away by Teddyloid from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt soundtrack (which went poorly by the way, pretty sure we both got D’s on medium).

The panels themselves were great. It was an excellent opportunity for individuals to field a bunch of questions on how to get involved with the industry. And thankfully, all the guests were easily accessible afterwards to answer more questions, autograph things, and get pictures. We managed to spend the most of our time getting to know Jessica Marzipan (Merizan), Warumono, and Umbra Cosplay. Through our time spent with them, we learned all sorts of ins and outs of the industry. During a personal interview with Jessica Marzipan we got to talking about the world of video games, cosplayers, and who to bang in Dragon Age: Inquisition (it was Iron Bull by the way, and if not, you are doing it wrong).

Overall, the experience was great fun. The best aspects of the con had to be getting to know the guests and meeting all the wonderful cosplayers and fans. It was excellent meeting all these wonderful folks and getting a chance to meet everybody. And all I can say is that I cannot wait until the next con where we get to meet even more of you all!

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