Episode 20: Hand in Hand

Well. That was hard to watch. I wasn’t too surprised by most of “Hand in Hand”, as most of the big events that took place in the episode were things we knew were coming. Really it was all Kaori’s incident at the hospital, something that has seemed inevitable for a long time but there was no way to really prepare to actually see it. Honestly, it was a bit hard to watch and I’ve been stressed about since I watched the episode. I’m biting my nails as I wait but let’s touch on the rest of the episode before diving further.

Due to the intensity of the last few minutes of the episode, it was easy to forget that Tsubaki was actually more of the focus in “Hand in Hand” rather than Kaori. This isn’t too surprising since there are only two more episodes of Your Lie in April after “Hand in Hand”, with the next episode probably focused around Kaori and the finale wrapping the series up. This also means that it had to be Tsubaki’s week to make her feelings known and get everything on the table, which is exactly what we got.

Your Lie in April_ep_20_kousei_tsubaki_kick_anime_BentoByte

Love hurts.


The flashback to Tsubaki and Kousei’s childhood started out sweet but moved into some dark territory. Kousei looking for his cat in the rain was pretty goddamn sad, especially since it was raining…cats and dogs down on him. After seeing how affected Kousei actually was by all of the people who called him the human metronome and making him think he doesn’t have a soul, it’s impressive that Kousei is as well-adjusted as he is. It also probably helps that Tsubaki has always been there for Kousei, which is what we really took away from the flashback this week (even if we already knew that.)

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After the struggle she’s gone through to realize her feelings, I was really glad to see Tsubaki tell Kousei how she feels. Partially because I was glad to see it out in the open and for the burden on Tsubaki to be a bit lighter, but also because Kousei’s reaction was very entertaining. Saying he was caught off guard would be an understatement, as she reminded Kousei that Kaori is into Watari and that he’ll have no choice but to love her. I’m excited to see where this leads in the final two episodes, though it makes me worry as well. There isn’t enough time for Tsubaki to reel from seeing Kousei and Kaori grow any closer and with Kaori’s seizure or whatever it was in the hospital, it spells only sadness for our young violinist.

Your Lie in April did not pull the punches this week. Having to watch Kaori have convulsions and possibly flat-line would have been painful enough but having Kousei watch as well was almost cruel. It was a crushing double team of reliving the loss of his mother and seeing the girl he loves have the life drain out of her. As if that wouldn’t be enough, the cat that had been following Kousei had to be hit by a car and die after he ran it to a vet. For the love of god, how much does one kid have to take?

Your Lie in April_ep_20_kousei_hospital_kaori_anime_BentoByte

This may be the limit.


Although it was sad, “Hand in Hand” was really an incredible episode of Your Lie in April. It shook me to my core, but that wouldn’t be possible for something that wasn’t great. Often we see Your Lie in April show emotion through music, but that wasn’t even necessary this week. “Hand in Hand” was powerful on solely the events that took place and it left me dying for more.

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Hand in Hand "Hand in Hand" didn't pull any punches. It brought the relationship between Kousei and Tsubaki to a new level. At the same time, we saw Kousei go through more emotional turmoil than he has seen perhaps in the entire series. With Kaori's condition uncertain but definitely not good, Your Lie in April left us on an unbearable cliffhanger this week. With only two episodes left, I'm beginning to feel like this show is going to be giving us a happy ending but instead one with a lot of meaning. I suppose we'll have to just wait and see.
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