If you’re planning on picking up The Awakened Fate Ultimatum this week, I’ve got a few tips for you that’ll make the experience a whole lot easier. These are things I learned over the course of my review, and they can save you from losing everything.


Because of the roguelike nature of this game, it can be pretty unforgiving. Save yourself the trouble of dying and losing everything by grinding every now and then. This isn’t a tip so much as a necessity, so make sure you do it whenever you find yourself stuck.

In order to maximize your experience, I recommend grinding the latest level you’ve beaten. This will give you the highest experience rate, and you’ll also have the opportunity to nab some good equipment and gems to beef up your gear. Having the highest level of equipment will help immensely, so if you see a piece of equipment that’s better than what you currently have, be sure to pick it up.

Stock up

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum can be difficult, and oftentimes completely brutal. If you let yourself get surrounded by enemies, you’ll find your health quickly diminish. Ideally you want to avoid this, but sometimes if you make a bad move it can be unavoidable. The only thing you can do in that situation is be prepared.

To prepare yourself for future stages and battles to come, stock up on items. You will need them, especially for the boss that might be waiting around the corner for you at the end of a mission once in a while. This might seem difficult if you’ve played the previous game because the shop only restocks after you complete a dungeon here — but there’s an easy way to circumvent that.

If you’re short on items but have a lot of EC — which is the game’s currency — to spare, stop for a bit and grind the first dungeon. It’s the easiest, which makes it the fastest. Since the store doesn’t get better items based upon the dungeons you complete, running the first dungeon will get you the same items as running the highest dungeon you have access to.

I did this a number of times, and it will help a lot by ensuring you have plenty of crystals and exit items to avoid the situation I mentioned above. At later levels, the store will also have gear with bonus stats, which is useful for improving the quality of your weapon via item boost so make sure you pick those up as well.

Be careful with skill points

When you level up throughout the course of the story, be careful about how you allocate your skill points. Every time you level up you’ll get one skill point to use, and every time you make a decision during the story you’ll get one karmic point. These can be either angelic or demonic, depending on the choice you made, and can only be used on one side of the board.

While it’s entirely possible to play through the game with only good or bad decisions, you’ll want to diversify your skill tree. Focusing all of your normal skill points on the angelic or demonic side can be your downfall, because while one of your forms will be exceptionally strong, the other will be exceptionally weak. This is a bad thing since you’ll be fighting both angelic and demonic minions throughout the story.

Well those are my tips for playing through The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, hopefully they should help. If you want to get an idea as to what we thought of the game, you can also check out our review. Are you picking it up this week? Let us know in the comments.

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