With the announcement of PlayStation Home’s closure¬†late last year, several studios¬†threw their hat in the ring to secure their place as the next successor. Unfortunately, they seem to have gone bust — but there’s another contender on the block, and this one is looking far more promising.

That contender is Atom Universe — a social MMO created by Atom Republic to replace PlayStation Home on the PS4 — and unlike previous projects from other developers, it seems almost tangible. It’s also on kickstarter right now, and has 26 days left to go.

With the numerous failed attempts to get something off the ground, it’s easy to be skeptical of Atom Universe. After all, Atom Republic is just another developer from PlayStation Home, and developing a virtual world is a serious undertaking. But after looking at their kickstarter, it’s clear that Atom Republic means business.

The biggest problem with MadMunki and Neotopia was perhaps they jumped the gun on their kickstarter and were unable to secure the funding thanks in part to a lack of demonstrated progress. That isn’t the case here, as Atom Republic actually has footage to back them up.

Unfortunately though, it seems that there is a lot of skepticism after the cancellation of Neotopia, and rightfully so. Neotopia raised everyone’s hopes only to dash them. But, if this kickstarter is any indication, Atom Republic aren’t planning to make the same mistake.

There are screenshots, footage, and perhaps the most important — a notice that they have been approved by Sony to publish Atom Universe on the PS4. Yes, it is possible that they’re just blowing hot air, but with footage to show it seems unlikely. The important thing to note is that Kickstarter is always a gamble, and this is no different.

So I implore you, if you’re a PlayStation Home faithful looking for somewhere else to spend your time, consider backing Atom Universe. At the very least, you can take solace in the fact that if the project isn’t successfully funded you’ll get your money back.

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