Episode 22: Last Rain

In what was easily one of the more exciting episodes to date, I was given exactly what I wanted: plenty of Kaneki and (older) Owl action. The only issue I have with the episode is that I now am forced to wait another seven days before I get to see another branch of the battle. I was so satisfied by what we got in “Last Rain”; the action and the heavy involvement of pretty much most of the characters I wanted to see involved. The blend of story and action was on point, making a couple of transitions throughout the episode flow seamlessly.



To kick it off, the battle that we thought was going to be the end of Kaya Irimi and Enji Koma was an excellent one. It was exactly the way I wanted it; with gratuitous amounts of action. We were provided with the perfect amount of character development and Kaneki swooping in the last moment to save them was very welcomed. I think it’s due to watching Akame ga Kill and Attack on Titan that I didn’t expect the staff of Anteiku to survive. Kaneki saving and disarming all the doves really showed his conviction to the situation and to what he had to do.


The final battle of Yoshimura with Juuzou and Shinohara was exactly what I expected. Ferocious and brutal, Yoshimura performed exactly how I would expect the father of the Owl to behave. Initially there was no slowing him down and his performance was spectacular. Every character in play performed well. Juuzou managed to attack in wild and astonishingly quick blows, and Shinohara was a mountain of force and sinew.


The end of an era, things always seem to happen in the snow


Everything unfortunate (or emotional, LOOKING AT YOU Your Lie In April) within recent anime always seems to happen during scenes depicting snow. Tokyo Ghoul was no exception. Yoshimura’s death wasn’t exactly a surprise but he certainly did go out with bang. The fact that it took six of the best doves to take him down attests to his abilities and although he wasn’t able to see a few things, he at least saw his lover one last time at the very end. We knew it was coming and were prepared, but it still hurt to see him go.

One last thing to note is the appearance of the Owl at the end. Did Shinohara die? Is everyone on that roof totally screwed now? I’m not sure what this means, but it doesn’t look good for those involved. I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be within the next episode.

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Last Rain All stories must eventually come to a close. With the fall of Antieku things took an emotional, predictable, and exciting path within "Last Rain".
Character Utilization90
Saying goodbye to Yoshimura70
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