Once again, Atom Republic have updated the kickstarter demo for their Atom Universe project, and there are some pretty important updates including some work from their most important collaborators, nDreams and PSTalent.

The biggest update however is that the shooting range mini-game is now functional, which means you can check it out for yourself right now.

This latest update marks the fourth iteration of the demo made available for download, and also shows the progress that is being made on this project. With a PS4 version of the demo potentially targeting a release for next week, Atom Universe clearly isn’t just for show, it’s actually happening.

Release Notes (via website):
20/07/2015, v 0.04
– Discotheque dance floor
– Shooting gallery mini-game
– Two nDreams dance animations
– PSTalent Video
– Walking/Running with SHIFT key
– ESC or Q key to quit the demo

Atom Universe is currently seeking funding through kickstarter, with £3,271 of their total £20,000 goal at the time of writing.  If you’d like to see it become a reality, I recommend backing the campaign.

UPDATE: When this article was originally posted it was noted that the PS4 demo was targeted for a release next week, however we would like to clarify that while the demo may be available then, it also might not. This was originally made clear on the website, and we apologize for any confusion. Below is the tweet from Atom Republic confirming that the demo may be released at a later date.

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