Episode 23: Deluge of Flowers

As with all wars, there are never any clear heroes or victors until the dust settles. And this was no more blatantly clear than within this episode. Characters that we had been rooting for since the beginning were falling like flies. No one was safe and although we all will align ourselves with Kaneki, it is hard to not feel empathy for everyone. Even for characters like Juuzo who are sadistic, we feel nothing but sorrow for his loss of Shinohara. And a lot managed to transpire within a brief 22 minute episode. We had the battle between Amon and Kaneki, the death of Shinohara by the hands of the Owl, the debut of Arima, the reveal of who the Owl is, and the reuniting moment between Kaneki and Hide. As was said before, there was a considerable amount of content covered.


Watching Juuzo throw himself at the Owl over and over was what I would have expected out a character like him. The only thing that was surprising was the emotion driving it. Since Juuzo has done nothing but do sadistic things, seeing him getting visibly upset over someone’s death was a new experience for everyone (himself included). And with the debut of Arima things continued to remain action-packed until the end of the episode.


The much anticipated battle between Amon and Kaneki was quite satisfying. Two characters caught in a battle where they are both just trying to do the right thing. It is obvious Kaneki is not there to kill people, even saving a few CCG members in the midst of his battle. The best part was watching the two characters that we have come to love once again trying to prove themselves. Even Kaneki revealing his face from behind the mask was a great touch. The only thing that was missing was his centipede weapon. However, the battle by itself with the upgraded quinque and the constant action, I could have not been happier with how everything went down.

A lot transpired, between the death of Seidou Takizawa, the badass battle between the Owl and Arima, the clash of Kaneki and Amon. It amazes me that they are able to cram all of this within a small episode. I really wish we could be provided more information on the history of the ghouls in Aogiri Tree and the newest additions to the CCG. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to happen in the anime.


The reveal on the identity of the Owl did not come as a surprise to me. I assumed it was  after we found out it was a girl and the daughter of Yoshimura, two and two were put together and she seemed like the most likely candidate. The one thing that did come as a surprise was the fact that Yoshimura was still alive (if only just barely). I hope that within the next episode Yoshimura can communicate what he needs to before he passes away.

Finally, I am so excited to see the conversation between Hide and Kaneki. I think it will be a pretty monumental moment for the both of them. Overall, the episode was fantastic. I don’t take issue with anything that happened. I can only hope that this pacing keeps up.

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Deluge of Flowers A lot happened, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The whole episode had so many great moments. With the death of a couple of characters and a few reveals it will be exciting to see where the show will go next.
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