We were given the opportunity to have a private interview with Lily Rutledge-Ellison (known by her cosplay page name of Lilatron Cosplay) about her time on King of the Nerds, how she started in the world of cosplay, advice on being a competitive or casual cosplayer, and her plans for the future.


For those unfamiliar of who Lily is, she is competitive cosplayer who has won several awards including Costume Shindig 1st Place Performance from Denver Comic Con and was a contestant on the TBS show King of the Nerds. Known for her cosplay of Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. On the show as part of team House Hooloovoo she made it all the way until the final episode.

Things have managed to slow down since being on the show and now she plans on going to several conventions in the near future such as Starfest and Denver Comic-Con. One big thing that came up in the interview was what cosplay will she do next? We she mentioned that she is leaving this one up to all her fans:

If you are curious and want to voice your opinion on what she should do next go ahead and fill out the survey here!

So we got to discussing how she became involved with cosplay in the first place:

When asked for advice with regards to new cosplayers or people looking into cosplay, she had this to say:

We discussed future plans and developments and more cons and what life has been like post being on the show:

Finally we discussed being on the show, how she became involved in King of the Nerds, and what she has planned for the future:

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We at BentoByte want to personally thank Lily for taking time out of her busy day to chat with us!

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