There have been a few theories as to what the story is behind Nintendo’s popular party-brawler Super Smash Bros, but nothing has ever been confirmed. That is, until recently when TIME published an article entitled 8 More Fascinating Things CEO Satoru Iwata told TIME. As you might imagine, there are some interesting tidbits, but the most important? The fans were right all along — the characters in Super Smash Bros are Toys.

YouTuber MatPat who you might know from his YouTube series Game Theory did a video earlier this year discussing this very topic (among other things), to highlight the theory and make a few more connections.

It’s a theory that had been around since the beginning of the franchise, but it was just a theory until earlier this week when Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata finally declared it to be fact. An excerpt from the article quotes him as saying the following:

“What’s interesting about the Smash Bros. games, is that the Smash Bros. games do not represent the Nintendo characters fighting against one another, they actually represent toys of Nintendo characters getting into an imaginary battle amongst themselves,” explains Iwata. “And frankly that has to do with a very serious debate that we had within the company back then, which was, ‘Is it really okay for Nintendo characters to be hitting other Nintendo characters? Is it okay for Mario to be hitting Pikachu?’”

So there you have it folks, the characters in Super Smash Bros are toys, as we’ve thought all along. After all, how else would these Nintendo characters meet each other to battle in the first place? If you found that to be an interesting tidbit, I’d definitely recommend reading the full article. There are a lot of interesting things in there!

Did you have it figured out? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: TIME, via Game Rant

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