When I asked CEO of Atom Republic, Tanguy Dewavrin, about the future of Atom Universe, one of the questions I brought up was whether or not we would see private spaces in Atom Universe. His answer was yes, but he was uncertain as to whether or not they would be included at launch. It seems that now it is official, however, and Atom Universe will include private spaces at launch.

To celebrate this fact, they are holding a contest to look for new designs and potential partners for private spaces. If you’re a developer and looking to cut your teeth on a virtual world, Atom Universe is looking to sell your content. All you have to do is visit the forums for more information and submit your work and your design could be included in Atom Universe at launch!

The first private space comes from someone by the name of Sergio and is known as the Mirage Private Space. Set in an oasis with a pool and modern architecture, this looks like something straight out of PlayStation Home. I can’t wait to check it out once Atom Universe launches.

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