It’s been a long six or seven years (it depends on who you ask) for PlayStation Home, but today is the day that Sony calls it quits. The service has finally gone offline and ceased to exist. Gone are the public spaces, the decorated lofts and a destination to chat with your friends.

This isn’t an April Fools joke folks, it’s the real thing and it’s really unfortunate. For most people, Home was nothing more than a time-waster but for some people it was more than that. If you check the PlayStation Home forums which have since been delisted, you’ll see cries and farewells from a number of people who are sad to see it go. I am one such person, but I’d be fooling myself to think that I was in the majority.

After all, PlayStation Home never fared well with the hardcore crowd ever since it was revealed by Phil Harrison at GDC back in 2007. It has a lot to do with the fact that there were many unkept promises — some of which were eventually fulfilled but came too little, too late. For the longest time there was no music and no video. It wasn’t until many years later that Sony finally started to fulfill their promise for Home, and by that time the service was already noticeably decayed.

First impressions are often the most important and Sony failed to make a good one this time around. That never stopped me from visiting though and it never stopped my friends. Home might not have been the bastion for social gaming that Sony had once envisioned, but it was a great place to stop and chat. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for most people, which leads us to where we are today.

Thankfully, a number of former PlayStation Home developers are hard at work on creating a spiritual successor. Atom Republic is hard at work on Atom Universe which is currently seeking funding through kickstarter and Kovok is hard at work on Nebula, which according to their community manager will be seeing a beta later this year. There are a rough few months up ahead for Home users but if Atom Universe and Nebula are successful, we’ll have a new place to go.

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