I’ve been covering Atom Universe for a few weeks now, and one of the things I’ve liked about it since it was originally announced is that Atom Republic had footage and a demo to show when they began their kickstarter campaign. It was something out of the ordinary, since the previous attempts for a Home replacement had gone without success on that front. That is until recently, when Atom Universe cracked their target, and added a stretch goal.

Atom Universe Demo_20150402122001

So naturally, I’d be excited to check out the demo running on the PS4 after having played it on the PC originally. Sure it runs great on the PC, but how does it run on the PS4, with a controller? The answer is, unsurprisingly, pretty darn well. Ever since the first demo build for the PC, the Atom Universe demo has been a proof of concept, and an excellent one at that. It proved to me that Home developers are capable of taking on more ambitious projects, and that is a good thing.

Atom Universe Demo_20150402122042

But when moving from the PC to the PS4, there are always going to be concerns. The controller mapping is the biggest thing, but there’s also the issue of working on a port. Fortunately, Atom Republic have been planning on a PS4 release from the beginning, and I think that going into the development process it’s something they’ve kept in mind. I’ve posted about the Atom Universe demo before, in regards to the PC version, but I managed to get my hands on the PS4 demo ahead of the release later this week thanks to the guys over at Atom Republic.

Atom Universe Demo_20150402122212

If you’ve played the PC demo, you probably know what to expect. It’s just a demo, a proof of concept. The demo that you’ll be playing isn’t a beta, and that’s important to keep in mind when checking it out. For me, I already knew this. For a lot of people, it might be difficult to adapt to. If you’re used to the online connectivity and hanging out with your friends on Home, that’s not in the demo.

Atom Universe Demo_20150402122257

What is in the demo are several of the games you might recognize from the PC version, which is good. Obviously, you might not get as much enjoyment from the demo as you will from the beta, but that’s not the point. The point of both the PC and PS4 demo is to prove that Atom Universe is real, and it serves that purpose excellently. You can ride the ferris wheel, check out the dances, and even play a few games including the ball which you might remember from our interview with Atom Republic’s CEO, Tanguy Dewavrin.

Atom Universe Demo_20150402122813

It’s a very solid proof of concept, and if you’re not sold on Atom Universe, perhaps this demo will be able to sway you. As for me, well, I’m already sold. But damn if Atom Universe isn’t beautiful. The only issue I have is that the controls on the PS4 seem a little strange, but seeing as how this is a very early version of the service, that’s likely to change. For now though, it’s a great look as to just what Atom Republic are capable of and what you can expect in the future.

Atom Universe Demo_20150402123111

The future is starting to look bright for Home fans, and that’s a good thing. The PS4 demo for Atom Universe will be available April 8 in Europe, with an American release to hopefully follow soon after. If you follow us on twitter, we’ll be giving away some advance codes later today for those of you that know your Home trivia.

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