Episode 2: Pursue the Phantom Ghost Wagon

Blood Blockade Battlefront’s second episode opens up with an introduction to more key members of the Libra organization, as well as putting names to faces to the key members that we met in the first episode of the season. We also get a more in depth description of the eyes of the gods by a new character introduced “Stephen A Starphase”. This episode does a great job a showcasing individual members of Libra’s powers.

There was no shortage of jam packed action and character development in this episode. We get an in depth look at what each of the members of Libra’s powers are, along with a further look at the power of Leo’s eyes. After the first two episodes of this series I’m already very invested on seeing where the series will lead us. As a main character, Leo is already developing to be able to solve most difficult situations with minimal help.

The continual assault on Leo from Zapp for Dogimo pizza made this a highly entertaining episode to watch.

pizza scene

This also helped set up this episode with a higher temp pace that goes well with this style of anime. As the series progresses we can expect to see more absolute insanely high paced action scenes which will keep this show a strong contender for one of the best of the season.

With other shows it can take a lot of patience to see a main character develop into a dependable and like able character. We are already seeing large character change which I take as a great sign of things to come. I would expect from this series for substantial characterization to occur within the next few episodes. For the next episode, I’d like to see a larger explanation of exactly what Leo did to the kidnappers. This would help to clarify the absolute madness we saw within “Pursue the Phantom Ghost Wagon”. The episodes ends with Leo getting out of the hospital after being severely hurt by Libra going ape shit taking down his attackers. He the wanders to a graveyard to meet the final new character of the episode in a cemetery, this new girl calls herself a ghost.

kekkai sensen hospital scene

I still cannot get over how beautiful the visuals of this show are! Between the unique music and highly stylized animation, this show has my high expectations to continue to be one of the best of the Spring season.


Image Source: indigotic-fox

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The second episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront did not disappoint. The plot kept up with the tempo of high adrenaline action scenes and the visuals remained spot on beautiful. The music for the scenes is extremely well done and keeps the potential for this show on a very high note. I don't expect this show to diminish in the cool factor any time soon.
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