Episode 3: A Game Between Two Worlds

This week’s episode of Blood Blockade was another one to chalk up on the success board. Though “A Game Between Two Worlds” had a slower start that the previous two episodes, it didn’t lack the comedic relief that’s been extremely well done so far. We see Leo fall into his natural role of main character that constantly get beat up but is a reliable member of the team.

This episode did not have the fast paced action that we’ve seen so far but it was great and revealing more information about Klaus through a game he plays to the death called “Prosfair”.


This game is essentially chess on supernatural steroids that he plays against “Don Arlelelle” for 99 hours straight. It was great in showing the character development of Klaus and also showing us first hand what kind of character he will be in future episodes.

We are introduced to another member of the Libra team known as KK.



I’m sure we will see her play a key part in the organization as the series moves on, but for this individual episode she plays sidekick to Klaus. During the main plot of the episode we did see the relationship she has with Klaus and a possible love connection for the future is on the books.



The music for this episode was very toned down compared to what you would expect after watching this season thus far. With the lack of fighting, there was really no possibility to display the high paced stylized melody. However I saw a lost opportunity for unique tunes during the Prosfair game between Klaus and Don Arlelelle. This might hint to a theme that we will see through out the show; getting this great vibe from the music during high action moments but being left with nothing for the rest. Fortunately, the comedy of this show will remain spot on to make up for any missing melodies on the slower scenes.

This episode was successful at introducing a new and interesting character, however with the slower pace it could be a sign that the show will now settle in to a slower groove moving forward. Overall, I thought this was a successful episode with intriguing graphics during the Prosfair battle.  I would like to see Blood Blockade to continue with the fast pace action and dynamic music in the next episode.

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A Game Between Two Worlds This episode lacked the explosive action that we have seen previously but still had a captivating plot. The music was not as apparent in this episode but the animation is still incredible. I gave this show an overall score of 75 for being intriguing but not what I have come to expect from a show with such great potential.
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