The eighteenth volume of BentoByte’s hit series Sunday Sounds is here for your viewing pleasure. Five songs are lined up for you so let’s get this show on the road, folks!

No title
GigaP feat. Reol

Along with “ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC”, this is one song that I’ve had on repeat for the past few days. I usually skipped it whenever my music was playing but, one day, I decided to give it a shot; I’m glad that I did. This song comes from GigaP’s dual album No title, which has two versions. No title+ has songs performed by none other than Hatsune Miku; however, the alternate version of the album is No title- which has those same exact songs, except sung by Reol. Personally, I like Reol’s voice better and with the way that GigaP masterfully tunes his music, it stands out above the rest. At first, I thought it was a real person singing; it’s just that good.

ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC (TeddyLoid Mega Remix)
TeddyLoid feat daoko

I half expected the original version of this to be a one-and-done kind of deal. Yet, here we are today. Apparently, the original version of “ME!ME!ME!” must have garnered so much attention that TeddyLoid came back to create a remix of his own hit song. Now, the original was fantastic and set a standard. But this? This is far and above the quality of the original. There’s an entirely different vibe: darker, more  grimy, more sultry, if that’s the right word to be used. In all, TeddyLoid outdid himself with this one and I’ve had it on repeat for the past few days. Do yourselves a favor and listen to it and, if you’re up for it, watch the video for it. Warning for the video, however: there are a lot of flashing lights, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff, just stick to the audio only.


nano makes a return to Sunday Sounds with another favorite of mine (well, all of the songs featured on Sunday Sounds are my favorites). This song starts off pretty humble with some strings before it picks up near instantly, getting right into the groove of things with the heavy guitars and powerful vocals that nano is known for. She peppers English throughout the song, giving it a bit of a western touch without losing the integrity of the song as a whole. As the chorus comes around, I can’t help but feel fully invested in this song; it reminds me of an anthem of sorts.

Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Cyua

Hiroyuki Sawano’s style of music never ceases to amaze me. If you’re a fan of his work, you can instantly identify some of his signatures. One of them happens to be creating songs sung in a different language. For this particular song, Cyua (who performed “Blumenkranz” from Kill La Kill, which is another German-sung collaboration with Hiroyuki Sawano) sings in German. While Hiroyuki Sawano is known for frequently collaborating with Mika Kobayashi, his work with Cyua is not to be overlooked. She can sing just as well as the others out there and this song is a prime example of that. It’s not too overbearing, but it’s uptempo enough to keep your foot tapping in rhythm.


There’s nothing better than listening to the calming sounds of a guitar coupled with some jazzy, psychedelic overtones. This particular song comes from the second original soundtrack for Space Dandy and the vibe of it is right up in there. Space Dandy was a lot of things, but one thing that was consistent was the quality of all of the music. OGRE YOU ASSHOLE actually contributed five songs towards that particular soundtrack, but this one is by far my favorite. It’s melodic, it’s relaxing, it’s soothing, and it trips me out in good ways.

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Sounds. Be sure to tune in to BentoByte next week for more music straight to you. Here’s those songs for you one more time:

  • No title – GigaP feat. Reol
  • ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC (TeddyLoid Mega Remix) – TeddyLoid feat. daoko
  • INFINITY≠ZERO – nano
  • Real – Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Cyua
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