Episode 4: Blood Line Fever

After the previous episode, I was starting to feel down on this season wondering when we would really see the significant overall story that we have been waiting for to develop. We saw the amazing fight sequences in the first two episodes with a multitude of characters and saw some intriguing character development with episode three. This being said, we had not seen true depth to how this season would be shaped… UNTIL NOW. This episode crammed so much content into the time slot it will keep your head spinning! The true conflict of this show and it is going to be an insane ride!


We start this episode in the subway where Leo is given extremely important information by a stranger, which is mostly for the viewer’s benefit. He describes the population distribution of Hellsalem’s lot; 50% of the population are inhuman creatures, 20% are unidentified anathema, and the remaining are 25% human that has a mixture of mutated or super powered. What’s left is another 5% which cannot be detected by any except for someone in possession of the eyes of a god. Leo is unfortunate enough to have seen a vampire while on the subway which leads to Libra calling in a vampire hunter and new character, Abrams, who is cursed which makes the episode absolutely hilarious in all of the gags caused by his curses. I’ll let you watch the episode to pick up on the other key points, because this one is quite a doozy.

getting your ass

Because of the fast paced plot, what follows is incredible fight scenes between Libra and the Elder vampires to appear to be what the true enemy of the series is. You also get a hint that there is a depth connection in the blood powers of Libra and that of the ridiculously strong and durable vampires. Another key point is we continue to learn about White, whose brother is apparently the blood-breed that talked to Leo on the subway (duh duh duh)!

Like stated before, the amount of content in this episode is insane and I’m still trying to process most of the information myself. This led to it being hard to follow but also extremely invigorating to watch and the best in the series so far!

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Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 4 This episode brought everything I have wanted from this series. Great action, complex plot, beautiful visuals, and finally a feeling of wanting much more! If the series can establish this pace the season is back on tract to be one of the best. The plot was slightly hard to follow overall or this episode would receive a near perfect score. A round of applause overall for this episode!
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