As I slid through a doorway, after slaying an entire building full of mobsters for the anthropomorphic rabbit BunnyLord, I began to realize a lot of things that make the game Not A Hero incredibly entertaining. Not A Hero, a game developed by Roll 7 and published by Devolver Digital (the publisher behind Hotline Miami, which happens to be a favorite of mine), is two dimensional, pixelated, side-scrolling, with cover based elements. On the whole, Not A Hero is exactly what you would expect coming from Devolver Digital. It has it’s flaws here and there, but overall the game is rather entertaining, challenging, and humorous.

If you haven’t checked out the game itself, the trailer, or the humor. Watch the video real quick below:

Since you are probably curious; yes. Yes the game is just as sarcastic in-game as the trailer. Which is what makes it great. The game knows that certain elements are silly. Like what Behemoth did with BattleBlock Theater, Roll7 maintains this level of humor and spontaneity throughout the game. The conversations that Steve, Cletus, Clive, and the other “Heroes” (or not heroes depending on your perspective) have with BunnyLord at the end of each level are quite comical. Asides from the fun and over the top game play, the humor in this game is exactly what I enjoy the most about it. The quick jabs and statements really bring the whole game together.


Now, Not A Hero is also very similar to other Devolver Digital titles in that it is a challenge. The game gets rather challenging early on and, thankfully, remains that way throughout. But if you don’t think it is challenging enough (looking at you FromSoftware playing masochists), fortunately for you each playable character alters the game to be more challenging. Or at the very least forces the player to devise new strategies. The game play itself is certainly a lot of fun and easy to understand. Your moves consist of shoot, enter cover, reload, and special so nothing terribly taxing.  So prepared to shoot a lot of criminals in the face with ease.

The only aspect of the game thus far that I have taken issue with is the controls for it. If you are playing the game on Steam, specifically on a controller, you will notice it right off the bat. What was confusing (I was playing on an Afterglow controller) is that to confirm (or proceed) was by pressing  B. Although, once you were in a sub menu, pressing B again would send you back to the prior menu instead of clicking the selection. Now this changes just a little bit once you are in-game and playing through the levels. After beating games like Dark Souls, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of some wonky controls but this one kinda threw me through a loop. That would be because I am typically used to the WASD controls or typical FPS controls. In Not A Hero, the controls begin mapped out in a strange layout. Thankfully, this issue can be easily solved (at least for gameplay) by remapping the controls in the menu. It may not be an issue for anyone else but this was certainly something I had to fix in order to proceed.

To finish things off, one of my favorite things about Devolver Digital as a publisher is the soundtracks that they have for their games. Not A Hero did not disappoint me in any way in that department. I fully expected chiptune EDM and that is exactly what I was delivered. So, if you do end up purchasing this game, I would highly recommend a great set of headphones (or speakers) in order to fully be immersed in the great soundtrack.

So if you are looking for an entertaining side-scrolling challenge with a touch (blatant sarcasim) of murder and mayhem, then Not A Hero will be right up your alley.

So I will leave you with these two words:


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Developer: Roll 7

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platform: PC

Rating: N/A

Release Date: 5/14/15

MSRP: $12.99


  • Humor is solid and maintains its momentum and sarcasm throughout the game.
  • Gameplay is entirely entertaining and every bit gratuitous.


  • The controls can feel a bit strange even if they have been remapped. (agai

Disclaimer: A copy of Not A Hero was provided to BentoByte by Roll 7 for the purpose of review. 

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Not A Hero Amidst the gratuitous pixelated violence, chiptune electronic dance music, and humor that you can shake a stick at. Not A Hero is exactly what one would expect. So if a fun 2D sidescroller with dripping sarcasm is your thing, then give Not A Hero a try.
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