The wait is finally over for those who love Touken Ranbu as much as I do. GoodSmile Company has finally previewed Kogitsunemaru’s Nendoroid.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-01

The confident smile and flowing hair bring him to life even in nendoroid size.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-02

The detail is, of course, incredible. The you can tell which parts are meant to be soft and which were meant to be more rigid.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-03

His hair is too perfect. It looks so fluffy and soft, I can’t help but want to pet him…But moving on…

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-04

Even his gold sword has been faithfully recreated. The detail of the sheathe, all the way down to the hilt, really stands out. From this angle you can really appreciate the work that went into his sleeves and tassels.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-05

But of course, like the other Touken Ranbu nendoroids, his sword can be removed. Though, I find it hard to move my eyes from that confident, mocking smile.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-06

It’s even better from the front!

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-07


His adorable laughing face is also included. Those blushing cheeks and moe fang…What a treat. You can really geat creative with this face as well.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-08

Also included is Konnosuke!

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-09

The fox that guides players through tutorials and more.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-10

He looks so annoyed with Kogistunemaru petting him. But that makes it even better.

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-11

Just like Mikazuki Munechika and Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Kogistunemaru comes with his own unique display stand.

Lastly, as a preorder bonus, everyone who orders through the GoodSmile Company Shop will receive a “Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: Kogitsunemaru Exhilarated Ver.!”

Kogitsunemaru Nendoroid-12

He’ll be up for pre-order starting tomorrow, don’t miss out!

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