Yesterday at an event, the cast for the anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul was on hand to present a new promo for the upcoming original video animation adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul: Jack. As you may or may not know the Tokyo Ghoul: Jack OVA is the prequel spin-off from Sui Ishida of the hit manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul. Along with the promo video, the cast also announced that the OVA would premiere this Fall. Thankfully for those of us that weren’t there, the official website has since posted the promotional video to YouTube and their website, which you can watch right now.

The hype for the Tokyo Ghoul: Jack OVA is real, and while an exact release date has yet to be confirmed, we’ll surely be hearing about it soon. With FUNimation licensing Tokyo Ghoul here in North America, you can probably expect a full simulcast and a dub to follow shortly after.

Synopsis, according to the Tokyo Ghoul: Jack wikia page:

The story is centered around the character Kishou Arima, who is a High School student by day and a ghoul investigator by night. The story is also set in and revolves around the 13th ward.

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