Tales of Berseria wasn’t the only big news to come out of Tales of Festival this year. Over the weekend it was also announced that the Tales series would be getting an anime adaptation titled Tales of 20th Aniversary Animation, with Ufotable set to produce. The teaser which was recently uploaded to YouTube confirms that the anime is set to air next year in 2016, although the specific date has yet to be announced.

Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation is part of the ongoing celebration in recognition of the series lasting for two decades. While it was initially reported that the anime would be an adaptation of Tales of Zestiria, it seems to be too early to tell. However, fans of the series will be quick to recognize that several characters from Tales of Zestiria are indeed present in the promotional materials which suggests that it may play a large part.


Tales of Zestiria, meanwhile, is still on the way to North America later this year. It will be available for the PlayStation 3, and if the recent slip-up from Bandai Namco Singapore turns out to be accurate, it will also be hitting the PS4 and PC as well.

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