The Kickstarter campaign for Tokyo Dark is ending soon and if you haven’t yet you should totally go back it. Like right now. If my word isn’t enough for you, maybe I should mention the game has been endorsed by Square Enix, Indie Haven, Inc Gamers, Adventure Gamers and even selected by the Kickstarter team as a staff pick. But perhaps you need more than just endorsements so let’s take a look at Tokyo Dark.

Tokyo Dark is something of a cross between a visual novel and a graphic, 2D point and click adventure game. The setting is predictably dark, based in modern day Tokyo. The story puts you in the shoes of detective Ito as she searches the city for her missing partner. Things seem to get increasingly twisted as the games goes on, forcing detective Ito to face her past and struggle to maintain her sanity. The gameplay looks something like a cross between a visual novel and a storytelling adventure game, like if you crossed The Walking Dead with Fate/Stay Night. The game is non-linear, having more than one way to solve puzzles and numerous branching points leading to ten different endings.

tokyo dark_detective_ito_street

There’s more than one way to get lost in the city.

I should probably have mentioned that the title was successfully funded quite a while ago. The campaign has already hit the point of unlocking three extra chapters, new game plus, Japanese voice acting and support for fan subs. But the reason I’m particularly big on pushing it now is because the next stretch goal is “Full Motion Video”. This means that Tokyo Dark would be getting scenes straight out of an anime which sounds absolutely fantastic. Full motion video scenes could offer a lot a title like Tokyo Dark, particularly in the most intense parts of the game.

I’ll say that no game will be enjoyed by everyone. However, if you’re reading this post, I’m willing to bet we have at least some tastes in common. So I encourage you, whether you decide to support Tokyo Dark or not, you should at least┬ácheck it out before the campaign ends. It’d be a shame to find it after the fact and miss the chance to make the project even better.

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