It’s June, and that means E3 is on the way. Starting next week, all attention will be turned towards Los Angeles as the biggest names in the business descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center to unveil their latest and greatest products. Of course, most people would be doing predictions right about now, but not us. Instead of doing predictions, I’m going to talk about what I’d like to see from the show this year.

Fallout 4


It probably goes without saying that I’m excited for Fallout 4. While I’ve yet to play the original games, Fallout 3 won me over with its gritty open-world take on the apocalypse. The story might not have been the best, but at least it had Liam Neeson.

As you might have heard last week, Fallout 4 is on the way and development is focused on the current generation of systems. That means the game probably won’t see a release on the 360 or PS3, and it also means that the team can put everything into making sure that the game is as good as it can be. With better hardware, it’s sure to be a better game.

Kingdom Hearts 3


I waited years after Kingdom Hearts 2 for news on another sequel. Unfortunately, it didn’t come — that is until E3 2013 when it was officially confirmed to be in development. The game hasn’t been seen outside of some screenshots and gameplay footage since, however, and I’m hopeful that maybe this year we’ll get a release date. It might be a long shot, but I’d like to see the game released during Spring of next year.

Dishonored 2


This one hasn’t officially been confirmed, but there’s a lot of speculation regarding whether or not it’s in development. Since the first game was such a smash hit, a sequel is definitely not out of the question. The only question is, will they reveal it at E3? According to some sources, maybe not. It might not be at E3, but if it shows up, I know a couple people that’d be pretty excited.



Last year at E3 it was revealed that Platinum Games would developing a new game by the name of Scalebound to be released exclusively for the Xbox One. There haven’t been many details since, and the game doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, which makes E3 the perfect place to toss out more information. A release date, perhaps?

Deep Down


Originally announced in 2013 as part of the development on a new engine for the PS4 called Panta Rei, Deep Down was a fantasy game that seemed to take inspiration from the Souls series, and that’s not a bad thing. The main difference, however, was the inclusion of four-player co-op. We’ve seen a bit of gameplay since the original reveal, but two years later there’s still no release date. Here’s to hoping that’ll change soon.

Dark Souls 3


Dark Souls 3 is another game that hasn’t officially been announced, but with the success of the past two games and most recently Bloodborne, it’s hard to believe that it’s not in the works. There have been a lot of alleged leaks over the past few months, and while they’re obviously unconfirmed, it doesn’t stop us from being hopeful. Another entry in Dark Souls would most definitely be a welcome surprise.

Tom Clancy’s Division


This game was also revealed back in 2013, and what a reveal it was! A post-apocalyptic open-world online shooter with RPG elements? Hell yes, sign me up. As we’ve seen increasingly more over the years, the final product might be a little different. That was the case with Watch Dogs, which was also published by Ubisoft and released last year.

The Division sounds great in theory, but we’ll have to see the game after it launches to make our minds up about where or not it’s as good as we think. The game is set for release next year, but the exact date remains to be determined. We’ll probably get an official release date for this one.

Well, that’s what we’re looking forward to at E3 this year, how about you? Let us know in the comments!

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