It’s E3, and that means there’s a lot of video game news. In this new feature which you’ll only see for the duration of E3, Nate and I delve into discussion about the press conferences and talk about what we liked and didn’t like. Since this is about day one, we talked about the Nintendo World Championships and Bethesda’s showcase.

Adam: Let’s get started then, I guess. Both of us started late with the Nintendo World Championships, when did you actually start watching? I didn’t get in until Blastball and I was scratching my head wondering if they were playing that multiplayer Metroid they made for the DS. What was that called?

Nate: Oh crap. I forget. For some reason something like Metroid Prime Heroes is coming to my head? I started watching right at the end of that sequence, actually.

Adam: I looked it up and I think it was Metroid Prime Hunters, so if that’s right you’re not far off. But I remember having a demo cartridge of it for some reason, and I never actually bought the game. Not that I wanted to because I wasn’t really interested in Metroid and I still have yet to complete a Metroid game. It definitely has some Metroid influence though, don’t you think?

I didn’t learn until afterwards that they also announced Earthbound Beginnings, which I was really happy about. The Mother series is definitely one of my favorites as far as Japanese RPGs go.

Nate: I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we find out later in the week that Blastball is actually just a facet of a new Metroid game on the 3DS. There have been murmurings about a new Metroid title coming so, I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to reveal it stealthily in that way. I would be pretty impressed if that’s the case. And yeah. Earthbound Beginnings is pretty rad. I know people have been clamoring for it for a while now.

Adam: I feel like Blastball might have originated as a new Metroid title, just because of how much similar it is visually. There’s the gun, obviously, but just the general atmosphere feels very much like Metroid Prime Hunters. I doubt Nintendo would reveal Blastball and then have it be part of a Metroid game, though. That would be Hideo Kojima level trolling.

It’s funny because I’m really excited about Earthbound Beginnings, but I don’t really think there’s anything to say about it because it’s not something that we haven’t seen before. Blastball and Super Mario Maker were the best parts of this year’s Nintendo World Championships, I think, beyond the competition of it all.

Nate: I just feel like, at this point, we would have had more details on the game. Like a full web page on Nintendo would be up about it. But instead it was just brought up and they moved past it. Consider this my mini-prediction during E3. Haha.

Adam: I thought that was weird too, I searched for Blastball and I couldn’t find anything. The game didn’t even have a Wikipedia page, but it does now.

Nate: And I agree. Mario Maker was something that was on my radar but not at all excited for. It was a neat Mario customization game but I didn’t think anything of it. But then we have these two dudes playing through levels reminiscent of the Kaizo Mario ROM hacks and they are genuinely fun. Just knowing what people have made in other games with stage creators (like the people who work with the Trials games) is making me excited about the potential of this game. We talked about it a little, but what do you think?

Adam: If I’m not mistaken, Nintendo is still holding an event later this week, so it’s possible that they’ll talk more about it then. That was how I felt about it. The game has definitely changed since it was originally announced, and in a good way. If I remember correctly it was originally just Super Mario Bros, the first game, but now you can make worlds for all of the Mario series, including New Super Mario Bros.

I didn’t think it was that exciting until I saw the diversity of it, though. I mentioned earlier that I thought it was like THE definitive Mario game, and I think that’s true. Of course, Nintendo is known for reiterating on things, so they have to do something different to it at some point, I would think. It’s also just occurred to me that this is going to be thousands of words by the time we’re through. This is only Nintendo! There’s still Bethesda.

Nate: Well, just like what Bethesda showcased with a different game (more on that later), I think stage creators are genius because they add so many hours of playtime for creators and consumers. Creators dive in and get absorbed by the tools and regular dudes who just want to try out the stages they made are able to play a ton of levels.

Maybe if we just divert into Bethesda and just have a quick like round up back and forth of the event, maybe only discussing Fallout 4 and Doom fairly in depth, we can work it out

Adam: I say we should go for the longest post in BentoByte history. I think the fact that there’s so much to say about all of this demonstrates just what a good day it was, and we’re not even at the major press conferences yet. But back to Bethesda, they started off with Doom and it seems like they’re taking an interesting direction this time, something a little different compared to where they were with 3. What did you think about the gore?

Nate: I can see why people were shying away from it on Twitter and getting overwhelmed by it… but I think I loved it. It was so over the top and crazy and it’s the kind of Mortal Kombat gore that you want to gather around with friends and point and laugh at. I was more taken by the old school Doom vibe. The kind of floaty and fast like… room by room clearing experience of the classic FPS. Like the original Doom. It was interesting to see them go back to that.<

Adam: People were totally upset about the gore, which I find weird. The original games were pretty gory for their time. Obviously not as bloody as what we saw during the press conference, but there was blood. I do feel like they might be trying to take some things from other modern games, like Killing Floor. I’m not sure if that’s what I want to see in the series, but if it works and it adds to the game, then I think it’s fine. Watching the chainsaw cut people in half was brutal, like Gears of Wars on steroids.

Nate: He tore off a guy’s leg and used it to smash said guy’s leg into said guy’s face. It was great. Another big thing from that Doom reveal was the multiplayer and the SnapMap (is that right?) map creator. Mario Maker is infecting every game out there. What did you think of that?

Adam: SnapMap, MapSnap, it’s all the same. I thought it was pretty interesting, but I’m not super interested in creative tools. I think a good game needs to come first. That’s why mods are so successful in what they do, because they take games that are good and make them better. Most of the time, there are exceptions.

The multiplayer didn’t do much for me either, but they didn’t really show that off as much as they could have. I might go so far as to say that Doom was the least interesting thing they showed, after The Elder Scrolls Online, of course.

Nate: I just love what others might do with games. Minecraft Custom Maps built without mods can be wildly impressive, so I just can’t wait to see what people can do with those tools. And yeah. Elder Scrolls Online needed a little presence, as did the free-to-play BattleCry which looks interesting, but I think the two other big games were really the most exciting to me.

Adam: I think everyone thought it was silly seeing The Elder Scrolls Online, because it’s already out. But yeah, I thought Dishonored 2 had a pretty good reveal, even if it was already “spoiled”.  Of course, I already told you that I don’t think they did that on accident. The rest of my theory didn’t actually pan out though, unfortunately.

Nate: I loved the first Dishonored and love the new main character. I love even more that Corvo, the main character of the first game, is also playable. The trailer was fantastic. The remastered version of the first game is gonna be rad. I just generally fell in love the minute the trailer started. The aesthetic is rad. The General Grievous robots are cool. Emily looks cool. It just all around makes me hyped. I’ll see what the game ends up looking like, but goddamn. Yes. Before we talk about… THAT game… what did you think about the potential Hearthstone competitor in The Elder Scrolls: Legends?

Adam: I don’t think anything about Legends, honestly, because they didn’t show much. We saw a reveal trailer and that was it. I think The Elder Scrolls lends itself well to a card game, but it’s all about the execution, so we’ll see what happens. I didn’t find it particularly impressive, there just wasn’t enough substance.

Nate: So here we go, Adam. Go ahead. Introduce it. I can’t handle doing it myself. I’ll cry again.

Adam: Oh, Fallout 4. It took me a second to realize what you meant, haha. Everyone knew that it was coming, and they did the reveal earlier this month, but they had so much to show. Male and female characters, which is great.. so much voice-acted dialogue, hell, that’s only a fraction of what they showed.

Nate: It was fantastic, Adam. I’m a huge Fallout fan and GODDAMN. It was everything I was expecting and more. 50 weapons and 700 weapon mods. Customizable towns that you run and maintain. Dynamic storytelling (including 1000 different first names that are voice acted). I just. They spent a good thirty minutes announcing things for Fallout and hell, even some of the stuff they announced that aren’t actually… in the game are crazy cool.

Adam: Yeah, I was really excited for Fallout Shelter dropping the night of the announcement until I realized that it wouldn’t be on Android. I don’t know when that will happen, but I look forward to playing it. Of course there’s the companion app too, but really, we don’t have any information about that other than it’ll go great with the sweet collector’s edition. The biggest bombshell was a 2015 release date, I think that was huge and a great way to end their showcase.

Overall, what did you think of day one? For me, personally, I think Nintendo did well. The World Championship was a blast, and I love how they sneaked announcements into it. Obviously that’s not a press conference so I don’t think I can rate it, but it was one hell of a spectacle. Bethesda, on the other hand.. they obviously killed it, so I give them top marks.

Nate: Nintendo is so smart to hold these small little competitive events to market their games. Last year, they did it with a Smash Bros tournament featuring top Smash players. This year, they have competitions across the country in various Best Buys and have all these different games on display. It was a definite great way to start the festivities.

And Bethesda… besides the small segment of BattleCry, Elder Scrolls Online, and Elder Scrolls: Legends? They were amazing. Because they showcased three big games. They dedicated a decent amount of time to each. And they had lots of them to show. And Fallout 4 was just so damned good. It’s the high watermark for the rest of E3, that’s for sure. What a day.

Well that’s it for our conversation on day one! Check back tomorrow to find out what we thought of day two.

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