We’re finally through with the press conferences leading up to the main event, and Square Enix was last up after Nintendo. They had a lot to show, some of which we’ve already seen before, but I couldn’t stop freaking out anyway. Let’s get into it!

Just Cause 3

Square Enix outed Just Cause 3 in an issue of Game Informer earlier this year, but today at their press conference it was announced that the game would be launching on December 1 this year. We’re halfway there guys. I spent a lot of time with Just Cause and Just Cause 2, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

They also had a trailer with some gameplay, and it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Lots of mayhem!

A New Nier

Nier is one of my favorite RPGs from last generation, and for good reason. It has a compelling story with a phenomenal soundtrack, and while the gameplay wasn’t the best around, I still found it to be enjoyable. Most fans of the game assumed that we would never see a sequel after Cavia, the studio responsible for the game, was disbanded.

But not so, as it was announced at the press conference for Square Enix this year that another Nier title is on the way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a name yet, but hey, it’s happening. It’s also being developed by Platinum Games, so I look forward to see what they’ll do with it. More details will be revealed this Fall.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I wasn’t particularly excited for this one since I still haven’t gotten around to playing the first game, but it was still cool to see Square Enix show it off a bit. We already got a release date during Microsoft’s conference, and it’s still Microsoft exclusive. That’s okay, I was too excited about Nier to pay attention anyway.

Final Fantasy VII, The Remake

As we saw during Sony’s press conference yesterday, Square Enix has official begun work on the Final Fantasy VII remake. They didn’t do much here except for show the same trailer, but I don’t think anyone has gotten used to the fact that it’s actually happening yet. So surreal.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key

While everyone was anticipating some Kingdom Hearts III footage, Square Enix decided they’d troll everyone again by offering a look at Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key. When they brought it up you could hear audible excitement during the press conference, but it quickly quieted down after it was revealed that it wasn’t Kingdom Hearts III.

Still, it looks pretty neat, and it’s coming to the west for iOS and Android.

Kingdom Hearts III

After trolling everyone with Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, Square Enix finally decided to show off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, and my god, is it glorious. The trailer gives us a great look at the combat of the game, and it even looks like Sora will be able to use guns. Sort of. As always, any updates on Kingdom Hearts III are great.

Unfortunately, though, the game didn’t get a release date. It’s still in development, with not even a window. It may be a while yet before we have our hands on Kingdom Hearts III.


This was also announced during Sony’s conference, but Square Enix gave us another look at the game with a new trailer and shared more information. The game will be open world, which sounds pretty neat. Unfortunately, I’m still bad at Hitman games, so I’m not sure about this one.

Star Ocean Faith Integrity & Faithlessness

Square Enix had the next entry in the Star Ocean franchise on display, and it also came with the announcement that the game would be available in North America and Europe. Duh! Unfortunately, like usual, it will be a while before we get it. The game will launch in Japan this Winter, but the western audience will probably be waiting until 2016.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divded

Oh, how I love the Deus Ex series. Human Revolution was great, despite some early setbacks, thanks to the brilliant storytelling. We learned earlier this year that they’d be continuing the story of Adam Jensen, but there weren’t many details. At E3, Square Enix delivered a great trailer which reminded me why I think Deus Ex is one of the greatest science fiction stories out there.

No release date, but there is a window. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is targeting early 2016.

Project Setsuna

Square Enix has been increasing their JRPG offerings lately, probably because people still want them. Keeping with that direction, they’ve announced Project Setsuna, which is a brand new IP. They didn’t have much to talk about at E3 this year, but they did reveal that they’ve created a new studio specifically for the project which is called Tokyo RPG Factory. I’m not sure about that name.

Well that’s what Square Enix had to show off at their conference during E3 this year. Like most of the conferences, there’s a lot we’ve already seen — but the presentation was great, and Nier might be one of my favorite announcements this year. That’s what I’m looking forward to, how about you? What did you think of the conference?

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