With little to no presence of Atlus at E3 this year, I was left with the idea that we would have to wait for the latest iteration of Persona until some time in 2015. However, according to the official North American website for Persona 5, Altus USA will be bringing the newest entry in the Persona series stateside later this year. This was a nice little surprise for fans of Persona, as until this point we only knew that the Japanese release date for Persona 5 was slated for later 2015. For those of you unfamiliar with Persona or interested in learning more, here’s a trailer for Persona 5 that has some gameplay and cinematics so you can get something of an idea of what the series is all about:

Perhaps it was naive to think that we would see any sort of announcement for Persona at E3 considering that Tokyo Game Show is coming in a just a few months. With the series massive popularity in Japan, Tokyo Game Show would be a logical venue for Atlus to reveal more details on the game. But while we’re still waiting for more details about Personafrom Atlus, we at least know a few things about Persona 5 at this point. We knew that the game would be coming to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, so the game is available to console gamers of the current and previous generations. And now, we know that Persona 5 is set to release in Japan and North America in 2015.

Personally, I’m very excited. Even though I don’t have a long history with the Persona series (primarily because I didn’t have a PS3 till very late in the last generation), I’ve long been interested in taking the dive into Persona.  And it’s looking like I’ll be doing so later this year. But what about you? Leave us a comment and let us know how you’re feeling about this news and what about Persona 5 has you excited.


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