Episode 12: Everyone’s a Sinner

With everything coming to a close with this season of Seraph of the End, “Everyone’s a Sinner” was a nice episode that made us yearn for the next season. It slowly wound down everything that had transpired and made us as viewers start to develop questions for what is to come. Although last week’s pacing and action was better, I was perfectly happy with everything that occurred this week. And at the very least, Seraph of the End Episode 12 confirmed the month for the following cour of the show, October.

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Now before I hop on board the Shinoa-Yu train, I do want to point how that it is curious that Gurren has been holed up in a blood testing facility in the days following the battle. This only raises more suspicion on everything that has been going on with human experimentation and what Gurren along with the rest of the Japanese Imperial Army’s real motives are. Another note of suspicion is the writing. Over the season I’ve noticed that all the literature that the characters read are all in Japanese, yet all the military documents (and even the letter Gurren is seen writing) is in English. This just adds to the whole keeping secrets element that causes me to not trust anyone at this point. I have a few theories that the humans are trying to replicate people like Yu to fight the horseman and the vampires. What this exactly entails is still up in the air. But they better have a solid reason for doing it or things could get very ugly very quickly between Yu and the current hierarchy of humanity.


Aww she is embarassed


With that said, I am very happy to see some development on the front of Yu and Shinoa’s relationship. With Gurren teasing Shinoa a little, it is obvious the path that this story will go but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it is adorable and I want things to move quicker. My guess is there will be more moments like the image above where they are rudely interrupted by someone else in the cast. However, it is certainly one trope I am willing to put up with for now. I did really enjoy the lengths Shinoa went through to check up on him, especially the scene they had alone together in the hospital.


It is very interesting to see the kind of discrimination that Mika faces with the vampires. Not only  because he was formerly a human but also being the vampire queen’s favorite. It’s no wonder why he is slowly becoming irritable and jaded as a character. I wonder if this element of his character is going to be reoccurring and whether the vampires will successfully turn him into a foe. Only time will tell.


The last part I wanted to touch on was the post-credits scene with Ferid Bathory and an unknown human. I know we are supposed to be suspicious of humanity after witnessing Yu’s transformation and Gurren is my prominent first guess. But at this point, I think it is up in the air of who the unknown person could be. I am going to resume watching this show being suspicious of everyone.


Everything about this episode was needed. We didn’t need another equivalent of last week with the large amount of action. We got just enough plot, character development, and cliffhanger to keep us wanting more. This season on the whole lived up to every expectation I had for it. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Everyone's a Sinner It lived up to expectations, had ample plot, and a touch of romance. And with a cliffhanger like that the next season should prove interesting. I have high hopes for what is going to come next.
Character Development80
Shinoa-Yu adorable moment84
ending on a cliffhanger80
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