BentoByte Super Fight Sunday Round 2 is here for you. This week, we have two strong ladies squaring off to see who is gonna stand on top. Let’s ring that bell!

Black★Rock Shooter
Ryuko Matoi

In today’s Super Fight Sunday, we have Black★Rock Shooter (from here on out, we will call her BRS) of the same series name facing off against Ryuko Matoi of Kill La Kill fame. Both of them are powerful ladies with a lot of things in their arsenal, so this one is going to be an interesting fight to see pan out.


In the blue corner, we’ve got BRS, the “other self” counterpart to Mato Kuroi. As an Otherself, she has immense combat capabilities as well as two powerful weapons which she wields with great proficiency: the Black Blade, which is a simple katana that deals tremendous damage and the ★Rock Cannon, a massive cannon that has different attack forms. Her weapon of choice is the ★Rock Cannon, which she can use as a gatling gun, a shield, and even a massive bludgeoning weapon. Her versatility and proficiency with the ★Rock Cannon tied with her superhuman strength and agility make her someone that isn’t easily messed with.

bentobyte super fight sunday round 2

Arms ready.


In the red corner, we have Ryuko Matoi, a human that wields both Senketsu and the Scissor Blade. Senketsu enables Ryuko to transform into a more powerful version of herself that gives her superhuman levels of strength, agility, and endurance. Even without these, she is powerful due to the fact that she is partially made of Life Fibers, an alien organism that has the ability to regenerate over time. With her Scissor Blade, she is a chaotic, but very dangerous, hand-to-hand combatant. Her recklessness and abilities have allowed her to take down people multiple times her size as well as large groups of them. In addition, Senketsu allows her to variably adapt and evolve to her surroundings as she needs.

bentobyte super fight sunday round 2

Go wild.


Alright, let’s take one last look at our combatants here:

Black★Rock Shooter
5′ 1″
90 lbs
16 years old
Superhuman prowess, ★Rock Cannon, Black Blade


Ryuko Matoi
5′ 3″
117 lbs
17 years old
Superhuman prowess, Kamui Senketsu, Scissor Blade

THE VERDICT: Black★Rock Shooter

I am going to have to give this one to BRS. If you look at their powers as a whole, they do appear to be somewhat evenly matched, but BRS does have some obvious advantages over Ryuko. The first of these advantages is the fact that, while Ryuko is (mostly) human in nature, BRS is simply an Otherself and is devoid of pain. This enables her to keep fighting through things that may otherwise stop someone from fighting, such as the overwhelming amount of pain from a beat-down.

The second, and perhaps major, advantage that BRS has over Ryuko is the fact that she wields the ★Rock Cannon. The old adage “never bring a knife to a gun fight” holds entirely true for this face-off. While Ryuko may get close every now and again using Senketsu, her Scissor Blade is not and will not ever be a ranged weapon, unless she throws it, at which case Ryuko would immediately be at even more of a disadvantage. The ★Rock Cannon can also be used as a melee weapon, so even if Ryuko were to get close enough to strike, BRS could simply match her blows with her own.

bentobyte super fight sunday round 2

Too easy.

That’s it for this week’s Super Fight Sunday. Let us know in the comments who you want to see face off and we’ll check them out. See you next week, folks!

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