In Lost Dimension, the latest game from Atlus USA, you’re tasked with saving the world. But along the way, there will be traitors, and those traitors can even be your friends! Just when you think you know someone, they might turn on you. One of the tools you’ll be using in your quest is something called Deep Vision, and it lets you enter the mind of your allies to determine whether or not they’re planning to betray you.

Someone is always going to be erased whether or not they’re guilty, so you better work hard to suss out the traitor! We’ll have a full review of the game here at BentoByte after the embargo next month, but for now you can check out the trailer above to get a look at what you’ll be doing in order to catch the traitors.

Lost Dimension is set to launch on July 28 for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Those who pick up the game during the first week will be able to download over $20 worth of DLC free, including costumes, missions, and PSN avatars.

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