After waiting for an entire year, reading the manga, and waiting the final agonizing months as it was airing in Japan, Knights of Sidonia season 2 (also known as Sidonia no Kishi or シドニアの騎士) has finally arrived in the United States! To sum it up, this season was exactly what I had hoped for and expected out of it.


I understand most people’s hesitation when it comes to 3D animation in regards to anime, but believe me when I say that Polygon Pictures has nailed it with this season. The style may taking some used to but this season lives up and exceeds its predecessor. Fortunately, there are not too many deviations from the overall manga. To top it all off, the world in which Knights of Sidonia is set is incredibly intriguing on its own. A fairly simplistic science-fiction universe when compared to things such as Mass Effect but it’s handled and carried out quite well.

If you haven’t seen Knights of Sidonia season 2 or have read the manga, I recommend that you go ahead and wait on reading the rest of this review.

When firing up Netflix on Friday, I had three moments from the manga on my mind that I was really hoping were going to be included within season 2. (I also will give myself props for not peeking at some of the fan sites ahead of time.) The three moments were Izana’s loss of limbs (a little screwed up I know), the appearance of Tsumugi and the gang moving in together, and the final moment between the ena mimicking Hoshijiro reaching out to Tanikaze.


I was so excited to see this scene.

If there was one thing that bugged me when I watched the first season, it was the fact that Hoshijiro was on the cover of the show only to meet her demise early one. After quickly catching up on the manga in the period following watching season one, I was itching for the moment between the two of them in the cockpit of the Tsugamori. And I was not let down. After everything that has been said and done, the constant hints and remnants of Hoshijiro that used to drive me crazy have transformed into some of my most anticipated moments. Even to this day I am not sure at what capacity they will keep using her, but for now the manner in which they have been utilizing her has been curiously entertaining. I have no clue how the whole Izana vs. Hoshijiro situation will pan out but we are certainly in for one hell of a ride.


One of the other major things I have been anticipating is the arrival of Tsumugi. And since I have manged to watch both the dub and the sub, I would dare say that her character turned out exactly how I imagined she would. Tsumugi was just as childlike and lovable as she was in the manga.


Finally, as I knew about Tanikaze’s move and the injury of Izana, I was very happy to see both come in to fruition. I know it was a little messed up looking forward towards Izana’s injuries. However, it came as a real shock to me in the manga so I couldn’t wait to see how they handled it in the show (surprise surprise they handled it very well). And it wouldn’t be an anime without all the tropes that occurred throughout the season. And once the move to the outer wall happened and the “date”, I was sufficiently happy with everything they managed to tackle in season 2.


On the whole, season 2 was fantastic. Now I may be a bit biased (and riding the excitement hype-train), as I loved the show enough to reread the manga twice, but I still think that it is a quality anime. My only complaint is that I have to wait another year to see another rendition of this story. Hopefully, this allows the manga more time to get ahead as I would hate to see this show fall victim to overshooting the manga (looking at you original Fullmetal Alchemist). Now excuse me as I go back and re-read all of the manga again.

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Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Although I would like to give it a perfect score, Knights of Sidonia season 2 is easily one of my favorite anime out right now. With the perfect blend of anime tropes, action, science-fiction, and romance it is definitely worth the watch.
Mech action90
great science-fiction elements90
sticking to the manga fairly well90
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