So unless you have been avoiding the internet the past week (or rather Reddit specifically) you may not have noticed the most recent craze: LADYBABY. What is a Ladybaby (also known as チャンネル) you ask? Well it happens to be a metal band using idols and a cross dressing, heavy metal vocalist, and pro-wrestler named Ladybeard. Chalk it up to one of the strangest, yet, oddly entertaining videos to emerge this month. After only being posted on YouTube on June 4t,h compounded with the power of reddit, this video has managed to collect over 3 million views since.

For those who listen to other Japanese metal idol bands, they sound similar to Babymetal (yes, we know it is a similar name too). You can check out their first single “Japan Bun” below. And even if you aren’t into this sort of thing we recommend checking it out at least once.

How did something like this become a new obsession and a phenomenon? It probably has to do with the ridiculousness and personality of Ladybeard himself compounded with the popular and talented idols Kaneko Rie and Kuromiya Rei. But do you really need a reason to enjoy it? No, of course not but if you are curious about Ladybeard you can check out some of his tweets below where he tested the Hestia blue ribbon theory below.

If you like what you see and are considering  getting yourself a copy of their, you can get it HERE on Amazon and will be available June 25th, 2015.

Not too worry, instead of being forced to click around we have also included the link to all their social media below:

  • Facebook can be found here
  • Twitter can be found here
  • Their homepage can be found here

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