Episode 8: Zapp’s Longest Day Part (1)

Finally an episode all about the biggest Ass of the show, Zapp. We get to see a comical breakdown of Zapp’s daily routine that involves mostly sex and eating shitty fast food. This becomes the driving force behind the introduction of a new character, Zapp’s master “Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi”. Throughout the episode, he demolishes Zapp not only with words but his ridiculously powerful fighting techniques to discipline the now out of shape Zapp. We are introduced to him through a fight scene involving him and a powerful Blood Breed, which he defeats. The Blood Breed then turns to it’s egg form where the mast forces Zapp to finish it off using a highly skilled technique which Zapp is unable to do until he is motivated over his lust for a woman who serves him fried chicken everyday.


This episodes is just one of many successful Blood Blockade episodes that wows the viewer with entertaining fight sequences and hilarious bits of random character interaction. Like you can with many other episodes, you can read a bit deeper into “Zapp’s Longest Day Part (1)” and see that it just points to the many, many flaws of humanity. Or you can just say that it’s like an ADD child in a candy store. Either way, the plot sets up to tie in with the episode next week, hence the title being “Part One”. Not only is this stated in the title but they make it painfully clear that Zapp has only defeated one half of this Blood Breed that will certainly emerge next installment.


Mixed into this episode that is seemingly all about Zapp, we get some more information on the plight that is happening between Black, White, and Leo. We learn that the siblings are twins, whose real names are William and Mary, that are the children of two casters who sacrificed themselves in an attempt to stabilize the barriers. They successfully prevented the portal from continuing to expand and swallow the whole Earth, excluding New York City. We get a glance into their horrific past, which most likely will have more to be revealed next episode. The most interesting piece of information to me is that White actually isn’t sick anymore but just hiding from something in the outside world and that White is seducing poor Leo for Black for reasons yet unknown.


I only scratched the surface of all the information in this episode as it was pretty deep. I’m sure more clarification will come next week but until then we have quite a lot to process. This was a great addition to the season and showed us that even apparent random scenes or bits of information tend to have a magnitude over the plot to come. This show is all about the right balance between comedy, action, and drama, which it has more than crushed at so far. It is a challenge to watch at times but it is one of those shows that you don’t mind re-watching to soak up as much as possible.

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Zapp's Longest Day Part (1) Zapp's Longest Day Part (1) was a successful delivery of equal parts drama, comedy, and action. The episode showed an increase in the pacing for the season. With a delivery of thorough entertainment and well done fight sequences, we can expect great things from Blood Blockade Battlefront here on out.
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