Chiller TV, a TV-cable channel devoted to horror and suspense content, recently revealed that it would be adding anime to it’s programming. The feature is called “Anime Wednesdays” and is set to feature 4 different supernatural anime series over the course of a two hour block.

Even though I don’t have a cable or satellite subscription myself anymore, I was excited when I heard about Chiller TV’s new feature. Anime has largely moved from traditional sources of television to streaming services in the past few years, so I’m always happy to hear about it seeing more attention on traditional television. Even if the time slots are getting cut. If you’re interested “Anime Wednesdays” or even just Chiller TV, you can see if the service is available in your area on the Chiller TV site. Or if you’re simply interested in watching the series, each series is available to stream on both FUNimation and Hulu.

According to the Chiller TV website, the segment starts 12 am Wednesday night (does that make it Anime Thursday?) and will feature the following series:

12am: Is This a Zombie? – A boy in high school killed by a serial killer is resurrected as a zombie and fights evil with the help of a necromancer. (Available to stream FUNimation and Hulu)

12:30am: Tokyo Majin – A group of high schoolers with supernatural powers fights supernatural evil. (Available on both FUNimation and Hulu)

1am: Devil May Cry – Based on the popular video game series, a man forced to live as both a monster and a human fights demonic forces. (Available to stream on FUNimation and Hulu, as well as available to purchase on Amazon or Google Play)

1:30am: Black Blood Brothers – In the aftermath of a vampire-on-human war, two brothers travel to a peaceful zone that soon erupts into chaos once again. (Available on on FUNimation and Hulu.)

Did you know there’s a wiki for logos? Whoever made that is an angel. Thanks for the image!

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