Good news for all you Wake Up, Girls! fans out there! Today, the official website for the upcoming two-part sequel film to the Wake Up, Girls! anime announced the films’ titles and premiere dates. The first film, titled Wake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage, will be premiering on September 25th. The second film, titled Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom, is slated for a December premiere.

Now this wasn’t all that was revealed today. The official website has also released a key visual for the first film (seen below) and a visual (also seen below) that will appear with the limited edition theater ticket that will apparently be sold during the 2nd Live Tour event.

Wake Up, Girls!

Wake Up, Girls!

The film will see the original staff and cast returning with  Yutaka Yamamoto directing, Touko Machida writing the scripts, and Chikaoka Sunao serving as both the character designer and animation director.

And for those interested, here is a description of the original series which is currently available at Crunchyroll:

“The era is the Idol Warring Era. This is the story of the the seven girls known as the “Wake Up, Girls,” and the hardships they face. A rather insignificant talent agency called Green Leaves Entertainment that’s located in Sendai, Japan, is about to go under. At one point, they represented magicians, gravure idols, and fortune tellers, but finally, their one remaining talent finally quits. Faced with having absolutely no one to represent, the agency president, Tange, thinks up a plan to produce an idol group”

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