Today, Goodsmile Company began taking pre-orders for the Aquamarine’s new Akatsuki figure. Akatsuki is Log Horizon‘s female lead and described by the Goodsmile Company page as “The petite and beautiful assassin who would do anything for her Lord.” The figure will be officially released this December and is currently going at a price of ¥13,800 before tax. The figure itself is set a 1/7 scale at about 190mm in height. The figure was sculpted by Ringo Renmei, more commonly known as Amasu, while prototype production was handled by Eimi Hoshina.

The Goodsmile Company description reads:

From the anime series ‘LOG HORIZON’ comes a figure of the beautiful assassin, Akatsuki! She has been sculpted by sculptor Amasu holding two kunai in one and and her ceramic blade in the other, as her lovely long pony tail twists around her. The figure is 1/7th in scale creating a rather large figure for such a petite character. Become the Lord of this Akatsuki by adding her to your collection!

If you’re interested in seeing rather than reading, check out the promotional images for the figure that have been released so far:

Akatsuki figure_Log_Horizon_akatsuki_figure_goodsmile_company_promotional_1_culture_anime_BentoByte

Akatsuki figure_Log_Horizon_akatsuki_figure_goodsmile_company_promotional_2_culture_anime_BentoByte

Akatsuki figure_Log_Horizon_akatsuki_figure_goodsmile_company_promotional_3_culture_anime_BentoByte

Akatsuki figure_Log_Horizon_akatsuki_figure_goodsmile_company_promotional_4_culture_anime_BentoByte

Akatsuki figure_Log_Horizon_akatsuki_figure_goodsmile_company_promotional_5_culture_anime_BentoByte

Akatsuki figure_Log_Horizon_akatsuki_figure_goodsmile_company_promotional_6_culture_anime_BentoByte

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