Recently, BentoByte had the opportunity to interview Andrew Ferez, a fantasy, surrealist illustrator from Moscow, whose work has captivated imaginations around the world. Here’s what he had to tell us — and, of course, it’s necessary to share some of his lovely artwork here too.

1. Which do you enjoy more: working as an art director or creating pieces for various projects?
Of course I enjoy being an artist more. Nevertheless the fatigue tends to build up, even for this beautiful job, so changing it up from time to time is also very nice.


2. Do you have any hobbies or passions, unrelated to visual arts?
Some time ago, I was trying to become a musician, but that never came to be. Today I think that I would be a so-so musician, but to this day I’m surrounded by a tremendous amount of guitars and other musical instruments and still play them periodically. Truth be told, I can’t really play well, but I love it so much.


3. A source on mentioned you have illustrated covers for Game of Thrones. I was unable to verify this through my own research, so I’ll ask you directly: is this true? If so, where can these editions be found?
I did start to make a Game of Thrones illustration series, but my publisher from that time was going through a difficult period, so the project was frozen. I have a single drawing. I can show it to you if you want.


An illustration for A Song of Ice and Fire

4. Many of your pieces can be discovered on websites worldwide. While the stunning quality easily draws viewers to share the art, what advice would you give artists who are trying to promote their work?
Thank you for your kind words. I have never purposely tried to promote myself and never made any specific moves in that direction, so I don’t really feel comfortable giving advice on that matter.


5. Could you name three artists who have inspired your style the most?
My tastes are always changing. Every month I like completely different artists. But the most inspirational ones were probably Gustav Klimt, Mikhail Vrubel and René Magritte.


6. How do you find internal inspiration to create such lovely, imaginative art?
Almost all of my works are book illustrations, that are being ordered by the publisher. I’m afraid they don’t really give me a chance to wait and find my inspiration. I have to just go with it and do it the way I like the most.


7. On average, how much time do you spend perfecting each piece?
In general from 6 to 10 days including reading the source text.


8. Which art medium is your favourite? Is there a specific type of paint you prefer?
I like the computer.


An illustration for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

9. What 3D software do you use?
I haven’t been using any for a while, just drawing things the old way for now. Probably the most interesting and marvelous program is ZBrush. It’s just made for coming up with fantasy beasts or steampunk flying machines.


10. Is there any advice you would like to give to fledgling artists?
Be yourself, do what you really want to be done, work with truly inspirational people.


The above images and more can be found on Andrew’s Deviant Art account: 25kartinok.

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