Praise the Sun! Today at Gamescon, Microsoft revealed another trailer for the upcoming Dark Souls III during their conference. It’s not another CGI reveal or story trailer either, this new trailer graces us with plenty of footage that features actual gameplay. And like an appropriate gameplay trailer for Souls game, it contains lots of stressful painful looking deaths and shots of brutal enemies, along with bosses that are looking larger and quicker than ever. It manages to bring one to believe that Dark Souls III will be a game that poses as a challenging successor for those who have completed the previous iterations of the Souls series.

Eager Souls fans be warned, once you watch this video, there is no turning back. The video contains spoilers! So there’s a price you’ll have to pay if you can’t wait to see more of Dark Souls III‘s bleak universe along with a peak at how the gameplay.

From Software is of course producing the game with Hidetaka Miyazaki returning to the Souls series as director for Dark Souls III. Dark Souls III should arrive in the first quarter of 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, giving Souls fans something to look forward to early next year.

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