While I’m a huge fan of every entry in the Souls series, Dark Souls will always hold a special place in my heart. Partly because it was the Souls game that really pulled me into the series and beat for the first time, but also I believe that it’s still the best Souls game there is. I’ve found Dark Souls to be more fun and challenging that it’s predecessor Demon’s Souls, as well as the entries that have followed, Dark Souls II and Bloodborne.

bloodborne-gaming-gamescom-demo-from software-bentobyte

A strong second.

With the Souls games being known for their difficulty, it’s only natural that some players would be interested in making an already intense experience drastically more so. Of all the players ramping up the difficulty in these games, I have to say that I think gbbearzly must be the king. I was blown away when I saw the YouTube video of this player beating Smough and Ornstein with the drum controller from Rock Band.

But it seems that using a Rock Band controller just wasn’t enough for gbbearzly, so the hardcore fan took it upon himself to beat Dark Souls using naught but his voice. What the actual fuck? Using a program called Voiceattack, gbbearzly spoke commands to his computer that were translated into strokes of the keyboard. However, these commands took about 1.5 seconds to register, adding even more difficult to the already absurd run.

I thought it best to hear details of the run from the man himself, so to quote the Reddit post by GMABT (gbbearzly’s Reddit name):

30 hours of suffering, almost losing my voice several times, and 485 deaths later, I finally completed the game. 111 of those deaths were to O+S alone, not even counting the deaths on the way to the boss. I considered giving up and summoning Solaire a few times, but in the end I persisted and won the fight solo.

Hopefully you guys still like seeing these crazy runs! This run was more than twice as long as my previous worst run and probably caused some deep emotional scarring. I doubt I will try anything more insane than this, but I’m open to suggestions :P.

Recognition where it’s due; gbbearzly is damn good at what he does. Though it does leave me feeling largely inadequate as a Souls player. For those interested, you can check out whatever gzzbearzly is attempting next on his Twitch profile.

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