After attending my first convention this weekend with a couple of members from the BentoByte team, I was able to understand the hype behind going to conventions. We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why we think you need to check one out ASAP.

  1. A place that you can meet people with the same interest as you. Going to a convention it is amazing to see people come out of their shells and enjoy being around people that have the same interests as you do. The open community that surrounds these conventions is amazing to see how open people are with complete strangers. It does not matter what your specific interests are within the genre, you will find someone that shares similar interests
  2. A huge inventory of merchandise that can be otherwise hard to get. The vast inventory of content that can be at some of these conventions is incredible! HD seasons which can be hard to get with online streaming content are a huge bonus along with lesser known shows or manga that are hard to find in general. The individual artists that come to these conventions offer a huge variety of original artwork that would otherwise prove difficult to find or not exist at all without the publicity these conventions give these small artists.
  3. Panels with big names in the industry. These conventions pull big names in the industry such as Funimation, Aniplex, and Sentai Filmworks to name a few. These panels give you an inside look into the massive industry of anime and also can answer questions about your favorite show. During our time we were allowed sneak peeks at shows to come along with availability of limited content before anyone else! The access to limited content should be a top priority for the mega fans of the industry.
  4. A chance to discover new names of the genre. Being around so many people and different age ranges allows you to learn about shows that you wouldn’t hear of otherwise. This is a great opportunity to discover your next big binge or to discover some fantastic new merchandise that may have just been released. The sheer volume on information at one of these things is mind blowing. I personally walked away with a list of at least ten new shows to check out and a plethora more of new original art to hit up!
  5. Live Game Rooms and Testing. The live League of Legends tournament was a personal favorite for the gaming events offered at the convention. There was a variety of console and computer gaming options that allowed a little bit of something for everyone attending the conventions. These can be a great way to play classics with friends or try your hand at the latest and greatest that is being offered.
  6. Discounts and incredible steals at the merchandise tents. If you are careful and don’yt spend all of your money the first day of a convention, you can find some incredible sales and deals on your favorite anime swag. Towards the last day oh the convention you will start seeing huge markdowns that can make going to the convention completely worth it just for the cost savings and not having to wait for that pesky shipping.bentobyte-ndk-day-2-cosplay-11
  7. Something that you can do with your friends or your family. Conventions offer a wide diversity of people. Something that we were not expecting to see was how many families were at ours. There were parents bringing their kids and having activities that offered something for everyone to be entertained with. These conventions offfer such a friendly atmosphere that there is something to do for everyone that attends. bentobyte-ndk-day-2-cosplay-13
  8. Connections to names in the industry. This does not pertain to everyone however like stated before their are some pretty awesome representatives here that are not shy to branch out and meet new people. By just introducing yourself and showing an interest in their subject manner you can really get key insight into releases coming soon or great recommendations for other shows to branch into. bentobyte-ndk-day-2-cosplay-34
  9. It it is one thing to watch it is another to try. Sitting at home and watching some of your favorite shows is great however being able to go to a convention with people in costume and character really brings you into a new reality. Experiencing the passion people have in crafting costumes or just being part of the community is a great feeling that you don’t get on a daily basis watching your favorite shows.
  10. COSPLAY. The costumes that people spend between minutes to days (sometimes months) on are phenomenal to see. Thousands of people walking around in character after placing hours of their hard work into their passion is something you can only understand after seeing for yourself. The range of creative ideas and ingenuity cannot be compared to any other events. Even if your interests are limited in the genre, go to a convention just to see these incredible costumes.
  11. MORE COSPLAY. The cosplay is literally so good it needs more than one spot on our top 10 list. This is where you see people really blossom out of their shells and become whoever they can dream of. There are also the trolls of the Con who are just as entertaining to interact with.


Whatever your reason is for wanting to check out a convention for the first time do not hesitate. You will not regret your decision to try something new with an incredible community. Each convention is different and will offer a range of new material so they will keep evolving as the genre changes!

What are your reasons for going to a con? Let us know in the comments below.

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