I’ve always loved the Persona franchise. The art has always been amazing, as well as the music. So I couldn’t have been happier when they mixed my favorite game with my favorite kind of game. The game combines an interesting story with a new type of rhythm based system.


The gameplay is fairly standard and simple but as the difficulty increases, so does the amount of notes and how fast they appear. The system combines triangle, circle, and x, along with up, left, and down. Pretty straight forward, with the added exception of the blue circle and “fever” rings.


Missing the rings won’t affect your note count or your score in any big way, but it should be mentioned that hitting enough will increase your overall score as well as let your partner join in for a small portion of the song. Each partner is predetermined before you start, but after completing the song, you can change their outfit.


The game includes two different types of play, story mode and free dance. So whether you’re looking to play the game in it’s entirety, or just knock out a few songs to earn some money for costumes, it really caters to everything.

The art is amazing, and even though this is a more interactive game, it really holds its own in the Persona franchise.

While there are certainly more pros than cons, there were a few things I didn’t like. I’m not a very big fan of dubs in anime, and Persona 4 Dancing All Night isn’t really an exception. The dubs felt awkward and very forced. It was strange that even in English the characters were calling each other “Yu-kun” or “Yukio-senpai”. While following in it’s predecessor’s shoes, there isn’t a Japanese voice option either.


That’s really my only dislike for this game. Persona really never fails to deliver. The art is incredible, the story is fascinating, and the gameplay is simple yet incredibly challenging. ¬†It’s most¬†certainly worth it. Especially if you’re a fan of the anime as well as the music.

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Persona 4 Dancing All Night Review Atlus does it again. Persona 4 will never fail to deliver. Amazing art. Captivating Story. Simple yet challenging game play.

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