The internet is a great place and filled with tons of fantastic content and creative people. The folks over at the YouTube channel Feast of Fiction create food from user’s suggestions and various works of fiction.

This time, a couple of users suggested they make a dish from one of our favorite shows, Shokugeki no Soma (otherwise known as Food Wars!). From the very first episode, the character Soma creates a fake pork dish in order to save his restaurant. Essentially Soma was tasked with creating a pork dish after a group of developers destroyed his kitchen and depleted his storage of pork. His response was to craft this fake pork roast that involved potatoes and bacon.

Now we get to see the dish come to life!

We think Feast of Fiction did a great job capturing the dish and doing Shokugeki no Soma justice. But what did you all think? Let us know in the comments below.

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