Episode 5:¬†Japanese “Beast” History, Part 2

This episode contained a bit of action and raised more questions. But Concrete Revolutio is still trying to introduce more and more concepts. At this juncture, we have come to expect that all the characters are not what they seem. With each new episode something new, whether it be a new enemy, a different race, character background, or plot device doesn’t come as a surprise. While I appreciate what the show is doing, I just have this to say to the writers:

Instead of attempting to throw in another twist or something new, I want to see the plot progress a bit faster than its current rate. This introductory phase can only last for so long.

That being said, the humor is still flawless, the animation remains vibrant as ever, and the music manages to still kick major ass. For instance, Kikko’s adorable advances are still hilarious and she needs to keep them coming.

concrete revolutio-episode-5-review-bentobyte-1

You get him gurl

Don’t worry Kikko, you’ll still be able to win Jiro over Emi. (Well maybe. That one is still up in the air). But for now, you’ll have to endure. Until then let’s dive into what happened.

concrete revolutio-episode-5-review-bentobyte

Guess what? They introduced another character that I am sure we will have to care about more in the future.

Normally the introduction of new characters at this point in the series wouldn’t be a major issue. The main issue resides in the fact that they bring in everyone with very little explanation. I know this is me just griping, but it worries me that they will spend too much time explaining the character and getting too far away from the main plot. At least they got rid of the human monster breeder. So at the very least this means that number is being limited and isn’t getting too out of hand.

I do still have high hopes for Concrete Revolutio. Much like Kikko in the gif above, I am ever hopeful that this will be a fun journey. It isn’t like “Japanese “Beast” History, Part 2″¬†was really all that bad. It’s just that the plot just didn’t move quick enough. The scene at the end with Jiro blowing the monster away with the massive 18th century rifle was pretty magnificent (albeit a bit of a dark end for this show). I am hoping we dive into a single story episode again with next week’s instead of a two part arc.

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Beast History Concrete Revolutio seems to be stuck still in the introduction phase. Hopefully the plot will manage to progress a bit more instead of being thrown into a stalled state by another twist.
Still Introducing more concepts50
Action still kicks ass70
Kikko is adorable80
Plot Progression50
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