This Thursday, Nintendo broadcasted its’ first Nintendo Direct in almost half a year in memory of the late Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s fourth President and CEO. I expected there to be a fair amount of announcements since it had been some time since the last Nintendo Direct. But honestly I was caught off guard by just how much was crammed into that 45 minute video.

But of all the announcements that came, there were a few that stood out more than the others (at least to me). Perhaps the announcement that shocked me the most was a new character being announced for Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS that came at the end of the video. I’d thought that Ryu being added to the game earlier this year was surprising enough, even if it was because of demand from fans. But I was pretty blown away by this announcement that Final Fantasy VII‘s protagonist, Cloud Strife, will be the newest addition to Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS‘s roster.

This next announcement may be for you if nostalgia is more of your thing and you just so happen to be a 90’s kid or hardcore Pokémon fan. The original three titles in the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and  Pokémon Yellow, are coming to the Nintendo 3DS via the Nintedo eShop next year on February 27th. To adapt to the times, the trading system  has been updated to accommodate the severe lack of link cables modern Gameboys have.

This last announcement resonates with me but may not be for everyone; The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is receiving an HD remaster that will be available on the WiiU March 4, 2016. Personally, I really enjoyed Twilight Princess so I’m stoked. The updated version of the game will feature updated graphics and amiibo support (probably for the next Wolf Link amiibo that was announced).

Those are just my highlights. You can check out the full broadcast for Nintendo Direct below or on the official Nintendo YouTube Channel.

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