I will start this out by saying this, I absolutely LOVE the first two Star Wars Battlefront games. They had a bunch of great and refreshing elements, such as the 501st campaign, space battles, galactic conquest, and plenty of maps to choose from. EA’s Star Wars Battlefront has none of those things. I won’t say this is unexpected, given all the press releases that came out about the game. Even though this content was removed, I remained ever hopeful for the new title.

What I got on the launch night after downloading the 25 gigabyte game was mixed feelings. It is just like the beta, so all the expectations I had from that trial were certainly met. However, the main issue is the lack of content. It feels as though there should be more than what we were given when you consider the source material.

EA star wars battlefront bentobyte review

To its’ credit, Star Wars Battlefront has super fun gameplay. A favorite game mode that our writer Jacques and I enjoy playing is Heroes vs. Villains. Though at times it can be frustrating (looking at you teammate who couldn’t handle playing as Vader), on the whole is so much fun. It adds a nice variety to the formula that is frequently employed in the rest of the game.

Eliminating the command posts seems like a bit of a mistake, but it’s really only an issue to the larger maps. For the smaller PVP 6 v 6 matches, the chaos is entertaining and fun. But the larger maps can be overwhelming and disorganized.

I’m not one to gripe about paying full price for a game as long as I feel I get enough utility out of it. But it just seems like there isn’t enough here and I’m not sure I’m going to get that feeling when I spent $60 USD for only 4 planets and a weapon unlock system based on grinding through load-outs. For example, I really enjoy playing as a sniper character. In order to play as one in Star Wars Battlefront, I have to grind for countless hours in order to get what was once a base class.

I understand that the load-out system is typical in the FPS world nowadays. But for Star Wars Battlefront, it feels unnecessarily tedious to force the player to grind just to unlock the other weapons. Personally I feel like the classes in the last two were fun and really added to the overall dynamic.


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It felt like a similar release to that of Destiny, in that there was a significant lack of content at launch. At the very least, there should be some elements from the old series that should have been kept. For instance, the variety and numbers of the maps. Not to rehash that point and I realize that it does have 4 planets but there really should be more than that. If the consumer is going to pay $60 USD (or whatever your country’s equivalent is) on a title, we should receive more than what feels like just a multiplayer starter pack.

The worst part of it is knowing that more of this content will be coming out at a later date as DLC content. (The DLC debate is another issue on its own but I won’t get into that right now) I’m simply concerned that Star Wars Battlefront‘s replayability is going to be a lot smaller than that of its predecessors.


In case you needed another parallel between the titles.

It feels too much like it is following the Call of Duty formula or maybe Battlefield in this case considering it is an EA game. Sure the gameplay handles well and it is fun, but that is only because it has the Star Wars skin and maps. And without trying to sound too whiney, I don’t want COD or Battlefield. I wanted Battlefront. So in a way, this title feels too much like it has been pumped through the general FPS machine. The only differentiating factor being the heroes it all feels entirely too familiar to the other games currently on the market.

Now that I have all of that bitching and moaning out of my system, time to hit more great things about this game. First and foremost, the graphics are absolutely astounding. Endor and Hoth really come alive and are everything I had hoped for. The forest of Endor while it is raining with you are stomping through the lush wet undergrowth is a thing of beauty. The textures are immaculate, the explosions pristine, and the lasers radiating light off of surfaces as they sail towards their targets are gorgeous. As an audiophile, I must say the sound is phenomenal. Hearing the different blaster noises, the charging of thermal detonators, and the hum of light sabers all to the classic soundtrack, it’s a thing that would make any Star Wars fan giddy (or cry, but in a good way).

In short, Star Wars Battlefront is a fun and pretty shooter that certainly has an appeal to fans of the genre and Star Wars. But the game isn’t perfect, losing some of the original games unique feel and has a glaring issue in it’s lack of content.

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Battlefront It is fun, energetic, and very pretty graphically. But it got rid of all the content depth that caused all of us to fall in love with the series in the first place. $60 seems a bit steep when there are only 4 planets, no classes, and the overall lack of diversity. I still think it is worth playing but do not think it is worth buying launch day prices.
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Too Much Like Every Other Shooter45
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