Thanks to a post from redditor u/lukeiamnotyourfather, he/she pointed out how, due to the anime Kancolle (or the game Kantai Collection), Google’s images of Japanese warships have been replaced. It is just as it sounds, historical warships have now been replaced with images of cute anime girls (well actually one of them is from Arpeggio of Blue Steel, but that is neither here nor there).  Check out the pictures below:


Thanks u/lukeiamnotyourfather for sparing us who haven’t fully read the manga


There is an image from Kancolle in the corner but this is mainly from Arpeggio of Blue Steel

ashigara-kancolle-bentobyte atago-kancolle-bentobyte fubuki-kancolle-bentobyte haruna-kancolle-bentobyte ikazuchi-kancolle-bentobyte jintsuu-kancolle-bentobyte kongou-kancolle-bentobyte shigure-kancolle-bentobyte shimakaze-kancolle-bentobyte shoukaku-kancolle-bentobyte taihou-kancolle-bentobyte yuudachi-kancolle-bentobyte

Once again, thanks reddit for pointing that out. A hilarious mistake that makes us have to wonder what actual historians or curious people (of the warships not anime girls) think of this mishap.

Image Source 1 and 2

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